Develop standardized “Business track” and add “speed racers” to improve the “peace speed” of business environment

The Business Bureau of Heping District focused on the special action plan of “Revitalizing new breakthroughs, I want to be the pioneer” by the Municipal Party Committee and the District Committee, firmly established the thinking of searching for bids, reaching standards and winning bids, and actively carried out the “Discussion on Emancipating the Mind”.In the construction of the project to deepen “four to four look”, namely “than plotting see reserves, than to attract investment, than start see progress, than the service effect” “four track,” standardized “business track”, add part project tracking and coordinator, comprehensive control project examination and approval of each link, pegged to the “traffic light” in the process of project examination and approval, accurate for examination and approval “pace”,Effectively shorten the approval time.”Track type” rigorous, key projects in key project planning and construction of the project was shown on the wiring diagram, phase of the process of examination and approval, the corresponding examination and approval departments and each stage specific approval all included in the circuit diagram, according to the project progress in real-time updates, lights up the “traffic light” on the map in a timely manner to track each link – “green light” representatives have been transferred;The blue light indicates that the application is being processed.”Yellow light” means that the approval process is not involved;”Red light” means not processed.Configuration project examination and approval at the same time the service flow chart and list of e-government service, implementing “one project one commissioner, a project, a set of processes, a project for examination and approval of a closed loop diagram” work system, each link and involve staff from ageing, reduce link reduction, reduction of material, reducing running times of all the key project of the whole chain, tracking for each project scheduling,We tracked the progress of project formalities in real time, intervened in the whole chain of key projects from contract signing to completion and production in advance, formulated the examination and approval service manual, made “one item for one volume”, escort the construction of key projects with the clearance and template examination and approval mode, and further accelerated the progress of project handling.Heping district business bureau will continue to revolve around “nine” in terms of “ten big discussion” to carry out the “emancipating the mind big discussion activity, find a proper breakthrough point for the solution actual problem and the sticking point and breakthrough, form the preliminary plan and corrective measures, effectively through emancipating the mind innovation service measures, improve the level of service, high quality for the enterprise development,Constantly update the “peace speed” of project approval.

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