Close contact shopping without wearing masks, Shandong 1 emergency search!Bullet train G2698 emergency search, through Shandong 4 stations

At 23:30 on February 2, 2022, Tancheng County CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention received a letter of assistance from other areas, informing that a close contact of a confirmed case in Bao ‘an District of Shenzhen city was now in Tancheng County.After receiving the letter of assistance, tancheng County CDC first time to carry out epidemiological investigation and disposal.At present, the close contact has been quarantined in Our county for medical observation, and the nucleic acid test results were negative on February 1 and 2.The following is part of the activity track of the close contact in Tancheng County: He arrived at tancheng’s home at 23:00 on January 31, went to his grandmother’s home that night and went home to rest.At 10:00 on February 1st, he drove his private car with his wife and children to the County Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital for nucleic acid testing. He wore masks all the time. After completing nucleic acid testing at about 10:20, he went home and did not go out again.At 11:00 on February 2, he drove his private car to his parents’ home in the Family Branch of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau to pick up his mother. He did not contact anyone else on the way.From 17:07 to 17:50, I drove to the commercial square for walking shopping with my wife and son without wearing masks.The specific route is: stop at the gate of “jiuping Road”, then walk west to the intersection, south to the first intersection into the “good station tide shoes base” exchange children’s shoes, then east to a set of stalls stop, then continue to east to the intersection left turn.In the zhou Dasheng jewelry shop door and passers-by dispute, after the police station was brought back to the investigation.At 20:40, he was sent to the quarantine point in Mandu by CDC transport vehicle.Citizens who may have been in contact with close contacts in the same place during the above period are requested to take personal protection measures and immediately contact their local streets, villages (communities) or CDC to report and cooperate in epidemic prevention and control.Tancheng County Center for Disease Control and Prevention advisory telephone: 0539-2101012 County party committee as a whole epidemic prevention and control and economic operation work leading group (headquarters) office February 3, 2022 emergency search!The nearest contact of the confirmed case in Shenzhen can be found on the nearest G2698 train that can be taken on January 28, the CDC in Yongqiao district, Suzhou City, Anhui Province can release the following statement:The close contact of the confirmed case in Shenzhen took train NO. G2698 (2 cars, Seat O17D) on January 28, 2022, which stopped at Suzhou East Railway Station at 21:50.Please take the same train or stay in the same train as G2698 on that day and other people who may have contact with them to report to the CDC or the community (village) where they are located, and cooperate with the implementation of nucleic acid testing, epidemiological investigation, health monitoring, isolation control and other measures.G2698 train via Shandong 4 stations are: Zaozhuang, Qufudong, Tai ‘an, Ji ‘nan west.The END.Source: CCTV news, Tancheng population health, Jinan Times, Dazhong Daily

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