A young man from Sichuan came to Shenyang on business. He ate 2 dishes and 3 bowls of rice in the alley

For some reason, there are a lot of sichuan migrants in Shenyang, sichuan people here to improve the Sichuan food, made shenyang people love to eat sichuan food, such as spicy noodles, and this fly restaurant, has been popular here for 28 years.A young man from Sichuan happened to be in Shenyang on business. He searched online and found the fly restaurant located in a small alley. In the spirit of a foodie, he decided to check out the difference between Shenyang’s Sichuan cuisine and sichuan cuisine.This shop is like a fast food restaurant, which is in a remote location and looks unremarkable in a small alley. Besides, the environment is also harsh, with a rugged floor and empty bottles everywhere. Four tables are crowded and the space is small, and basically three or four people are crammed into one table for two.There is only one person in the store, is a wife of shop-owner and waiter, a person from the order to the cook to the account not busy, so a lot of regular customers are their rice bowl side dishes, because it is half open kitchen, lad saw someone ordered sausages overhand cut their mix directly, feel like home, the atmosphere let him quite satisfied, feel no wrong.The store did not have many dishes, sichuan 24 yuan a sausage, bacon, sichuan a 28 yuan, plus bacon, halogen duck, sichuan style stew pork, egg thing, leek, crisp meat, spicy beef jerky, and so on, prices ranging from a few yuan to thirty yuan, looks very affordable, the young man according to his usual food intake point a mix thing a dachshund, also ordered a sichuan style stew pork,Because I heard their twice-cooked pork is their specialty.The owner’s wife refused directly, let the young man only order a sausage, vegetarian chicken will be free, mixed together, the young man calculated the price is only 50 yuan, feel very affordable, feel the owner’s wife is too good.Sausages served first, using the old plate in the home, like to others home feeling is very kind, a little chili oil coated sausage and thing sausage to eat fatty, lean and no wood, salty flavor, the chilli oil is the wife of shop-owner, he has done nothing to stimulate the spicy, a see is real.It’s very chewy and it goes to the top.Eating sausages with thing guy just want a bottle of beer, think about to go to work in the afternoon, to resist, sichuan style stew pork also served at this time, do is Fried leeks, sichuan style stew pork fat and white, Fried coke, taste sweet and not greasy, leek and special flavor, lad a eat feel very jing is colourful, directly with ate three bowls of rice.The rice here is also very delicious, and there are free shredded potatoes and green pepper, potato slices are very fine, all the owner’s own operation, not half-finished, a look at her cooking is good.After a delicious meal, the young man checked out and found that he only charged 27 yuan, which was much cheaper than expected. I couldn’t believe it.Originally they can sell half, the owner’s wife see the young man only one person, do half of the amount.However, rice is 2 yuan per bowl, and the boy spends much more on staple food because he eats so much.The price moved the young man very much. He also found that there were braised ribs in brown sauce meat hot pot chicken saozi noodles and so on in the store. The price was very affordable.

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