Who put who seriously: Cheng Xiu childish as high school students, Shao Qun was beaten, Jin Xin maintenance Li Shu is not appreciated

Zhao Jinxin threatened Li Shuo with Cheng Xiu and asked for peace.Unfortunately, he’s still too green.Did not expect To skip him, Li Shuo directly found his cousin Shao Wen.In front of Shao Wen whether brother Shao Qun, or cousin Zhao Jinxin, dare not presumptuous. this is lisshuo need assistant.What’s more, Shao Wen, to some extent, is standing with him in the same line, they all hope shao Qun can leave Cheng Xiu.If you go to see Li Chengxiu, you can’t beat Shao Qun.To say that Li Shuo and Shao Qun these two people, really look at each other and hate each other, to pinch each other.Four people meeting scenes like shuluo field, Cheng Xiu is ok, hiding in the side not to talk about it, but bitter Jin Xin advised both sides, both sides do not please ah!Li Shuo find Shao Wen help, Zhao Jinxin uninvited zhao Jinxin threat fell empty, Li Shuo a phone moved to sister Shao Wen.For his brother to do confused things, Shao Wen felt very sorry Li Shuo, met first to Li Shuo apologized.But Li Shuo has always been clear, I’m sorry he is Shao Qun, shao Qun can only apologize.However, Shao Wen did not come on her own.Zhao Jinxin threat is not, can only come together with my sister, rub a chance to see Uncle Li.Perhaps he was also afraid of his brother’s goose temper that saw the new moon, uncle Li will be bullied.Really what, small sweet xin hasn’t figured it out yet, but in the protection of uncle Li, he can’t let go.Li Shuo for his appearance did not show much joy, this man is to remind himself that he was their brothers play how miserably?Li Shuo goodbye Cheng Xiu, group shuo conflict and jin Xin two advised Li Shuo can’t wait to rest, sitting shao Wen’s car straight to cheng Xiu now residence.Shao Wen also want to call to confirm that they live in which house, Li Shuo has sharp eyes to see one after another came to cheng Xiu and Shao Qun.Cheng Xiu is more than 30 years old, but she still looks like a young high school student, comely and adorable.Cho Geum-shin looked old when she stood in front of him.Li Shuo worried for so long, finally saw cheng Show, he ran to hug Cheng Show.To see this has been to help him, take care of his brother li, Cheng Xiu is also very happy.However, shao Qun behind him can not stand, a push Away Li Shuo.When enemies meet, they are especially jealous.Shao Qun can not see Lisshuo, Lisshuo do not like Shao Qun.Zhao Jinxin quickly ran over to pull Li Shuo.Lest they should fight again.But Shao Qun also ungrateful, jin Xin advised li uncle advised brother, but also fell inside and outside is not a person.Zhao Jinxin improper words frighten Li Chengxiu on both sides of the zhao Jinxin can only focus on Li Chengxiu body.Zhao jinxin was also curious about the man his brother and uncle Li had been thinking about for so long.But what about “delectable”?Xiu Xiu is a cook, but you can’t serve him on the table.Sure enough, Zhao Jinxin opened to scare Cheng Xiu, Shao Qun hurried to comfort, by the way jin Xin’s identity.Shao Qun was beaten, large people shao Qun only introduced jin Xin, immediately someone is not happy.Shao Wen slapped shao Qun in the face. Shao Qun could only hold her hand and ask her sister why she came.Can see shao big goose get beaten, really big happy heart!Sister mighty!See brother was beaten, Jin Xin more dare not show off, scared to hide behind Uncle Li, reduce the sense of presence.Elder sister dozen younger brother, that can not leave face of true dozen ah!Group of shuo bickering, Cheng Xiu, jin Xin was brought to five people outside too let people see joke, Shao Qun unwilling also can only let people into the house.Home all the way, but is on the stairs, Shao Qun and Li Shuo’s quarrel has not stopped.Xiu xiu remind Li Eldest brother staircase is not peaceful, naive geese have to add a fall.Show show Li Shuo into the room, but also made Shao Qun taboo.Xiu xiu home he had to rack their brains to slip in once, how to li Shuo here became a guest?Again, he can helplessly look at Li Shuo and Cheng Xiu alone?However, A word in Li Shuo touched shao Qun’s anger.Don’t forget, Li Shuo and Xiu Xiu but once lived together, but Shao Qun did not know, Li Shuo’s respect for xiu Xiu, just lent him the house, without xiu Xiu’s consent, he never exceeded the rules.However, these he is not ready to tell Shao Qun.Shao Qun gas is not suitable, is the most wanted to see Li Shuo.Not to be outdone, Shao Qun directly pointed out the relationship between Li Shuo and Zhao Jinxin.Shao Wen full face eat melon expression looks like jin Xin, just ask 1 “you two now this relation?”Goose one, provoke xiu xiu, Jin Xin, Li Shuo three people are not happy.The relationship between these four people is really should that sentence, “cut constantly reason also chaos” ah!That’s all today’s content, like and follow oh!Follow me for more anime information.Article/clear plant sauce, picture source network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.

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