“Valentine’s Day” Dengzhou marriage registry office more “busy” for marriage registration 117

“Valentine’s Day” Dengzhou marriage Registration office more “busy” for marriage registration 117 pair of top news • Henan Business Daily apprentice reporter Zhou Meijiao correspondent Zhang Tong February 14 “Valentine’s Day”, Dengzhou Civil Affairs Bureau marriage registration office is more busy, there were 117 couples registered marriage that day.Deng City civil Affairs Bureau marriage registration office director Zhu Junwei introduced, according to previous experience, On February 14 the day to go through the registration procedures will be more, marriage registration office all the staff to make a plan in advance, do a good job of health, disinfection work, but also ready to delay the service overtime.In the morning of February 15th, the reporter of Top news • Henan Business Daily saw in the marriage registration office of Dengzhou Civil Affairs Bureau that the interest of citizens who came to apply for marriage registration was still not reduced.A golden couple, accompanied by their son, came to apply for a new marriage certificate. When he received the red certificate from the staff, the 75-year-old groom, who has been married for 50 years, was so happy that he smiled from ear to ear and thanked the staff repeatedly.Liu Zhengtong, director of the civil affairs bureau of Dengzhou City, told henan Business Daily that in order to facilitate the public, the marriage registration office also opened a green channel, soldiers, mobility difficulties and other people to give priority.

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