Us media: Pentagon talks possible “surge of troops in Eastern Europe”

This article from: reference message reference news network reported on February 2, according to the “stars and stripes” website on January 31, reported that the pentagon chief spokesman John kirby said Monday, as Russia continue in belarus and Ukraine border forces over the weekend, in some of Europe’s military might to eastern Europe more NATO countries to mobilize.U.S. President Joe Biden said late Tuesday he intends to send a small number of U.S. troops to Eastern Europe soon, as tensions rise between the United States and Russia over a Russian military buildup around Ukraine.Mr. Kirby said Monday that Mr. Biden was referring to the possibility of additional troops being agreed with individual Allies, possibly in addition to the roughly 8,500 American troops currently on high alert to be deployed to Europe alongside NATO’s rapid reaction force.Kirby told reporters at the Pentagon, “What the president was talking about was the possibility of sending additional U.S. forces to bolster the capabilities of some of our NATO Allies in the east.We are actively consulting with our Allies about their needs.”Four NATO countries — Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania — border Ukraine, the report said.Kirby did not specify which NATO countries the TROOPS would be deployed to.About five days before Biden’s January 28 announcement, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin put about 8,500 troops in the United States on high alert for deployment to Europe, the report said.

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