The minimum bonus of 30 million humiliates men’s football!Alipay official announced to honor the promise, women’s football added a huge award

Beijing time on February 6, the Chinese women’s football in the face of the south koreans under siege, 2-0 down in the first half, while the fans think championship trophy will be lost, the girls are catching up, in the second half goals scored three times in a row, forcefully the initiative of the game in his hands again, and completed at the end of time for South Korea’s excellent defense,Winning the Asian Cup for the first time in 16 years.In the face of the challenges of Vietnam, Japan and other teams, the women’s football team did not fear the stage, many times under the circumstances of falling behind to win, which shows the spirit of the girls never give up, it is so that the majority of fans feel proud.Shortly after the match, Mengniu became the first company to reward the women’s soccer team, as the official partner of the Chinese Football Association’s China Team, announcing a cash award of 10 million yuan to the Chinese women’s soccer team.The market economy of women’s football has been far behind that of men’s football, and clubs around the country cannot offer higher salaries. Some players’ annual salary is only a few thousand yuan, and there is almost no salary when they join the national team. Therefore, if there is no substantial reward for their achievements, we really feel sorry for our women’s football girls.As a household enterprise, Mengniu first stand out to make a good example!And afc is send out 1 million dollars to the winner of rewards, converted to nearly 6.4 million yuan, for the women’s team is a high income, here to see our football, with a high salary, dressed dressy or foppish, living in great luxury, but only with the result, even play but Vietnam,I wonder if these guys put their heart into training?I’m afraid I’ve already fallen into tenderness.Huang Jianxiang even suggested the ASSOCIATION double the money it gives to the men’s team and give it to the women’s team.I think it’s enough to put our men’s soccer players to shame by winning the women’s soccer team and all the big prizes they’ve won.Following Mengniu’s reward, Alipay followed suit in the middle of the night, handing over 13 million yuan to the Chinese women’s soccer team, 10 million yuan to the women’s soccer players and another 3 million yuan to the water coach and her coaching team.In fact, as early as 2019, Alipay launched the plan of “one billion in ten years”. Every year, they will allocate 100 million yuan for the bonus and training level improvement of women’s national football team, injury protection of women’s football players and retirement transformation of women’s football technology development and coach training, youth women’s football promotion and development, etc.This is undoubtedly a very good thing for the development of Chinese women’s football.After the entire league by the attention is not high, the ratings is far less than men, many of the girls did not match the performance of salary, this title after so many enterprises, coupled with the team a dismal performance in stark contrast, all of these women’s driving a lot of traffic, I believe that after the fans will pay more attention to the league,Their wages will also go up.And men’s football team should not assume the title of national football team, this title is more suitable for Chinese women’s football team!

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