Part-time brush orders?Be careful deceived

“If you buy a domain name at a low price on our platform, you can get a rebate of 300 yuan for every 5 orders.After the domain name is recovered at a high price, you can earn 50 percent of the price difference, and you can easily become rich if you work at home.Such a network pop-up message, let a lot of users heart, but this is lawbreakers carefully designed fraud.Recently, four men created a network domain name brush fraud case in Zhangjiagang City people’s Court in Jiangsu province.In August 2020, Li Jiang (pseudonym), who lives in Zhangjiagang City, was browsing baidu’s website on his mobile phone when he saw an advertisement for a part-time job with domain name swiping.Li Jiang, 23, is anxious to find a suitable job after spending many days at home, but the jobs offered by the local job market are either too intensive or low-paying, so he turned his eyes to the online job market.According to the QQ number of the advertisement page, Li Jiang contacted xiao Xuan, who released the advertisement.The other party said that the job content is to purchase the domain name of the designated website on one of their e-commerce platforms to increase the sales volume of the store. When five orders are used up, 3% of the rebate will be given immediately.The other party also told him that the Internet era, the value of a good domain name tens of thousands, the domain name can be purchased as a new type of commodity investment.After purchasing the domain name at a low price, Xiao Xuan’s team will be responsible for packaging the domain name website, which can be sold at least 10 times the price in the future.Equivalent to their own cost, as long as there is free time, can sit at home to operate the computer to buy and sell, lucky words can earn more than ten thousand a month.The so-called “zero cost, low threshold and high return” job is exactly what Li Jiang has been dreaming of.He followed the shop link provided by Xiao Xuan and entered the shop platform of the other party. There were several domain names for sale on the platform.”Close” small xuan teaches Li Jiang to purchase method with remote guidance, the other side let Li Jiang pay 987 yuan, bought the first domain name.Subsequently, Li Jiang placed an order to buy 4 domain names by himself.The other party said that a small number of short and piquant, simple and easy to remember domain names were newly created in the shop within a limited time, which had a certain investment value, and put on a lot of people are buying up the air, creating a warm atmosphere.Thinking that there is a lot of room for online domain name appreciation, Li jiang did not hesitate to snap up three “high value” domain names.After paying 8,964 yuan, Li jiang has been waiting for the opportunity to transfer the acquired domain name, and urged the other party to honor the promise of cash rebate.The other side has been delayed, and called to prevent network platform monitoring, need To delete the QQ number before Li Jiang, add xiao Xuan to provide a new QQ number to cash back.After Li Jiang operates according to the requirement, the other party has not returned money all the time, urge again, discover the QQ number that adds new already by the other party screen.Li Jiang realized he had been cheated and called the police for help.According to the transfer records provided by Li jiang, the name of the receiving account was identified by the police as the criminal suspect.In September 2020, the police went to Xiamen, Fujian province to carry out the arrest work, in an apartment in Xiamen will be the implementation of fraud Wang and other 4 people arrested.The four young men, all born in the 2000s, rented a small apartment in Xiamen just out of school.Except for one who found a temporary job at a local factory, the other three are unemployed and spend their days surfing the Internet and playing video games in their rented apartment.In August 2020, zeng Hong (pseudonym), a suspect, was drawn into an online chat group, where some people talked about cheating people by buying and selling domain names.Zeng Hong told the other three people the routine learned, and said that this routine is to use others to know this kind of illegal operation, covet points and rebates, even if cheated also afraid of the police.So, they worked for 4 days, cheat more than 8000 yuan.Within a short period of a month, 4 people cheated more than 20,000 yuan.After the incident, they remorseful, put forward full refund of the stolen goods return compensation, willing to plead guilty.For the parents, they feel sorry, these return stolen money is the parents put together.In December 2021, the four were sentenced to prison terms ranging from seven months to one year for committing fraud, with the court granting them a suspended sentence, taking into account their full refund of the proceeds and their confession of remorse.National anti-fraud center reminds, network domain name brush single routine is a common telecommunications network fraud method, network job seekers should be vigilant brush single part-time advertising, do not be tempted by petty profits, fall into the trap of fraud.Scan below the National Anti-fraud Center two-dimensional code to download the installation of tong Feifei first trial Sun Jikui final trial Shen Guobing ▼ share

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