Come to Kashgar to show you the food in Kashgar

Some people say that if you don’t visit Kashgar, you can’t call yourself a new county.But in my opinion, when you come to Kashgar without a good meal, you are also in Xinjiang.Today let you have a look at the food in Kashgar.Beef meatballs are made with sliced lamb and spices, with some fat meat inside so they’re not too greasy and still bubbling when they’re first cooked.Beef meatballs at The Enivar River fast food restaurant are also a delicacy and worth a try.Xifa Cream ice cream: Cream ice cream Xinjiang ice cream is also divided into the north and the south, the south is made of milk and sugar, milky flavor, yining is added eggs, yellow color, with a hint of sweet.Kashgar’s ice cream, with the characteristics of Southern Xinjiang, is very delicious.If you come across a white porcelain pot, don’t miss it. Even under the southern sun, I will not miss this delicious mutton.Cylinder meat comes from Kashgar and is one of the most distinctive dishes in Southern Xinjiang.Cook the lamb with the bones in a China bowl with Onions, tomatoes, ginger, salt and black pepper over a charcoal fire, then drink.Also, there is plenty of pot meat. This is a teahouse with a history of hundreds of years, and the pot meat in it is excellent.The dish that Kashgar people love most is roast pigeon, which cantonese people love most.I hesitated until the last day, afraid of the song of the birds, but this time I was relieved of my doubts.The pigeons were washed clean, and there were chickpeas, unique to Southern Xinjiang, which were stewed soft and fragrant.If you can’t get enough of the broth, add some noodles.Cameltine’s Blue Pigeon restaurant is the most famous, and you have to wait in line to get in.Alizati Pilaf: Pilaf in the north is ramen from the north, and in Kashgar is pilaf from home. It is the first dish in the traditional banquet of Uyghur, followed by baked steamed bread and hand-grabbed cake, which shows its important position in the mind of local people.Elizati’s pilaf can be said to be a delicious one, but his pilaf carries an irresistible aroma that makes him want to try it.

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