True case!The judge admitted to give the champion more than 3 points, Su Yiming gold medal changed to silver

Beijing time on February 10, the Beijing Olympics in combat, emergence, the United States, Germany and other sports power in Germany in the MEDALS table with 3 5 gold silver came to the second place, from Austria to four gold 4 silver four copper platoon third in the medal count, Norway in 5 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze continue to lead the medal table, the United States with three gold, 5 silver 1 copper platoon fifth on the MEDALS table,China’s medal count remained unchanged, with three gold and two silver MEDALS, dropping to seventh place.On February 10, two breaking news, one is snowboarding slope obstacle skills competition of the director himself admitted to a major miscalculation in the game, the second one is the Russian Olympic figure skating in her last December a doping samples containing a small amount of trimetazidine, this two messages for Olympic committee (ioc) have a little headache,Because both have two gold MEDALS at stake, the big four — Russia, Russia, the U.S. and Canada — are affected.Nature is one of the most by the Chinese audience care about, snowboarding slope skills competition, the Chinese player Su Yi performance is very good, the only complete air a 1800 – degree rotation player, in the end he scored 88.70 points, but he still narrowly lost Canadian Max – parrot got the silver medal,This time the director publicly acknowledged that he was in grade Max – parrot, didn’t pay attention to the Max in hand grasp the skateboard mistakes from time to tome, lead to more called Max 3 points, means that if the Max didn’t have the three points, his total score was 87.96, which means his score below Su Yi, if not wrong, the project gold medal should belong to China’s Su Yi sound.Russian media also revealed that trimetazidine was found in a sample taken in December by Valieva, who is known to have competed in the gold medal team figure skating event.If the news is true, then the Gold medal of the Russian and Olympic team may be cancelled, according to the selection of the United States will be a substitute for the gold medal in this event.Whether the two gold MEDALS in the end the ownership of the change, at present has not yet been determined, a headache that is for sure, but the ioc especially snowboarding slope obstacle skills competition this project, the director suddenly publicly acknowledged major mistakes, to make matters more complicated, if the host appeal in China, then the ioc have to weigh the processing, for the two news, we will continue to focus on,Let’s see what attitude the Ioc has.

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