Trouble?Sun Yingsha a change let a person worry, or go back to jujube old road, fat should move

2022 WTT China Macau tournament is over, when it comes to the opening of the year of China Ping’s biggest harvest player is undoubtedly Liu Shiwen, she got 1 gold and 1 silver in the first game of comeback, she gained 470,000 bonus, and the most frustrated person is sun Yingsha, the little devil after 00.On the mixed doubles stage, Wang Chuqin was defeated, but Wang Chuqin made up for his regret by winning the gold medal in the men’s singles. However, Sun Yingsha lost to Liu Shiwen in the women’s singles semifinal, and finally failed to reach the final.Double-line battle, double-line frustration, to be honest, the loss for Sun Yingsha is nothing, after all, she is still very young, but sun Yingsha in the game a change has been the attention and worry of many fans, that is sun Yingsha’s mentality.Previous Sun Yingsha in the game can be played very investment and focus, which is outside of the main causes of war 33 straight Sun Yingsha, but because there is no in charge of the coach, Sun Yingsha third ball contained, change of the few problems more and more prominent, which also makes Sun Yingsha mentality began no previous focus on, began to appear all kinds of changes, for example at this time,Sun Yingsha’s rare rush to pat her head in the race, and her rare frustrated eyes with tears after the race also let us know that Sun Yingsha’s heart is no longer as calm as before.Sun yingsha’s side of the change, also let many fans worried that she would repeat liu Shiwen’s path.Why is that?As a matter of fact, Liu Shiwen has been in the forefront of women’s table tennis since very early on. However, due to her mentality, liu Shiwen had too many ideas and was not focused enough at the critical moment of the competition, which made her lose the chain repeatedly in the competition.In the WTT Macau competition, Sun Yingsha also had mental problems, which is also the problem that fans are most worried about. As we all know, it is not difficult to solve the technical problems, but it is difficult to solve the mental problems of players, for example, Liu Shiwen took a detour for many years because of mental problems.Originally, Sun Yingsha’s advantage was due to her high level of competition devotion and strong ability to resist pressure. But now, because there is no coach in charge, Sun Yingsha’s natural advantage is likely to become a disadvantage, which is also the reason why fans are anxious to shout at Liu Guoliang. If Liu Guoliang doesn’t take action and fix Sun Yingsha’s short board to solve the mentality problem,It’s almost impossible for Sasa to transform into a demon king in the future.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, please contact delete

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