Peking University announced the list of 22 candidates for graduate school, not overly biased toward the school, double non-discrimination

Peking University has issued admission letters for graduate students, which account for a higher proportion of university graduates.The number of college graduates is growing rapidly, with an increase of 1.67 million in 2022 and 10.76 million this year.Nowadays, there are many college graduates, and the pressure of work is getting bigger and bigger, but with the increase of college graduates, the competition between them will be more and more fierce.In this case, how to improve their ability to work, has become a very critical issue.Otherwise, the number of undergraduate students would not have grown so fast. By 2022, the number of graduate students would have reached 46,202, and Peking University is one of the best universities in the country.A university undergraduate, can be admitted to Peking University is good, in each province is ranked above 1%, and those who are admitted to Peking University, are very excellent.Peking University, which announced the enrollment of postgraduate students in 2022, is not overly biased in favor of its own students, and those who are admitted will be treated differently, with some passing normal exams and others being recommended for admission to graduate schools.Peking University graduate student quota, is the most, can be admitted to Peking University, is absolutely the best among the major schools.As the 2022 postgraduate entrance examination is about to begin, Peking University has released the enrollment plan for the 2022 postgraduate entrance examination, with a total of 3,048 undergraduates, 1,644 masters and 1,404 doctoral candidates.With the surge of enrollment, Peking University also expanded the enrollment scale, this year’s quota of postgraduate protection more than 234, must be a lot of people are very want to know, these undergraduate students are which school after all.Of the 3,048 students from 156 institutions of higher learning selected this time, 1,171, or 38 percent, are undergraduates from Peking University.Other universities have 1,877 undergraduate students, accounting for more than 60 percent of the total, so When choosing graduate students, Peking University’s requirements will be more stringent.985 colleges and universities have 1,365 undergraduates, or 45 percent of the total.Each year, more than 50 undergraduates from the 985 universities, such as Wuhan University, Jidu, Renmin University, Beijing Normal University, Nankai University and Nantah University, enter Peking University for graduate studies.There are 421 graduates from 211 university, accounting for 14%. Among them, 91 graduates are from ordinary universities, accounting for only 3%.In my opinion, although domestic students are better able to enter Peking University for academic research, they do not like their own students very much, because other schools have more students.Other schools have a high proportion of students, but they feel they are discriminated against, so the proportion of students choosing is the smallest, 985 and 211 students are their first choice.Protect grind namely recommend send master, so, want to read the person of master degree, how should do?If your major score is high enough, your major score should be at least over 3.5, each of which is more than 4 percentage points, meaning that your major level is much higher.The poor score in the college entrance examination means that there is no hope for postgraduate study, because the academic score is the most important among the scores of postgraduate students, so there must be no mistakes in college.In order to apply for the postgraduate guarantee and participate in scientific research, one should not only have excellent academic performance, but also have the love and talent for scientific research.Take the initiative to participate in scientific research. It is an extra bonus for college students to make academic achievements or get some patents.English above CET-6 must pass six layers, while before grade 2, CET-6 is impossible to pass, so CET-6 is a must to pass.Otherwise, it will have a certain negative effect on the postgraduate guarantee of undergraduates, and the score of cet-6 should not be too bad, so in the exam of grade 6, you can focus on the oral and writing of English.Each school’s requirements for graduate students are different, so students should know about it in advance, because each school’s requirements for graduate students are different, so students should know more about it.In some colleges and universities, the professional score is 50%, English 6 is 10%,10% is party member,10% is class cadre,10% is student,10% is graduation work,10% is social practice.

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