Heilongtan Town, Demonstration area of Luohe City: comprehensive measures are taken to prevent early burning and release with good results

Image net news (the elephant news reporter Zeng-qiang Yang correspondent Han Xiaojing) on January 25, is the “off-year”, to strictly abide by “ban burning banned”, the first important node luohe city demonstration area black LongTan Town arrangements in advance, deployment, ahead of a banned banned fireworks work sessions, the town party committee government asked group members and the town cadres and the urban management department common action,Synchronously with the community, the supermarket, street shops, stalls for re-investigation, vigorously seize the source of governance, continue to highlight the burning ban atmosphere, always maintain the “high pressure” situation, do not rest, continuous patrol, to put an end to the behavior of setting off fireworks and firecrackers, for the whole town residents to create a safe, fresh air, civilization, beautiful environment.Through Posting notices and banners, signing letters of commitment, and opening broadcasting, we will strengthen the propaganda work of “burning and releasing” in villages and communities, so that the relevant policies of “burning and releasing” will be widely known and a favorable atmosphere of public opinion will be created.No firecrackers and fireworks filled the air, in a peaceful and peaceful, black Longtan town residents spent a peaceful New Year’s Eve, won the first battle of the Spring Festival ban on lighting, for 2022 New Year’s Eve, the first day of the New Year to lay a good foundation for a civilized New Year.

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