General Administration of Sport: The Science and Technology Winter Olympics supports cross-disciplinary selection and scientific training programmes

In 2022 February 16, the Beijing news center for special science and technology is related to the games are held a news conference, deputy director general of the state sports administration KeJiaoSi, level 1 inspector zhi-quan li said that since the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese sports delegation to the overall performance, multiple projects to achieve a historic breakthrough, these achievements obtained, without science and technology for the strong support of training.Li zhiquan said the “Science and Technology Winter Olympics” project provides support for the selection of cross-disciplinary and scientific training programs for the national team.Through the collection of indicators and data of elite athletes, combined with the training parameters of the project and athletes, to provide support for scientific decision-making of training programs.”In addition, the “Science and technology Winter Olympics” project also designed a simulation training system for the national team, realizing the “science and technology to ask for time”.For example, wind tunnel training has been used to help athletes optimize posture reduction and drag reduction, and the six-degree-of-freedom simulation training system has also been used in the training of the national team, Li said.Li zhiquan also said that after the Winter Olympics, we will continue to focus on the “science and technology project”, accelerate the transfer and application of the achievements of the “science and technology Winter Olympics” project, to better serve the vast number of ice and snow sports fans.(This article is from For more original news, please download APP.)

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