Gana W and E abilities nerfed Designer: the gana will now be nerfed separately again

I believe that many players recently also know a new “cancer” play: single punishment gana.And in the LCS spring season, that’s what happened.Since February, Jana has a 57.03% win percentage in platinum and above, the highest win percentage of any “single” hero.While her win percentage has dropped to 54.58%, it’s still higher than any other single hero.On the single punishment gana play, mainly “disgusting” opponents.Although it is a unit, but still choose the auxiliary outfit, and most of the time is wandering and harassing the opposite side of the wild, while helping other road teammates and their own side of the wild.Due to the economic disparity between matchups on the road, the bounty can be generated by the opponent, and the bounty economy can be cashed in after the opponent is killed.Recent nerfs have been made to Jana, but the main goal isn’t to target the last one: the changes made to Jana in version 12.2 quickly took her by storm through summoner Valley, making her one of the most powerful and popular helpers.However, it was not clear in the last patch how much nerf gana needed due to the interaction bug between Q and R and glacier growth.Even after the repair, Gana is still very strong when using glacier augments and other runes.So we decided to reduce her initial walk ability and increase the effects of shields and healing.These changes are not specific to the latest single Gana, we are working on a separate solution for this and will update as soon as it becomes available.Changed: Base speed: 330 reduced to 325W Skill: Speed bonus: 8/9/10/11/12% reduced to 6/7.5/9/9/10.5/12%E Ability: Improved shield and healing duration: 5 seconds reduced to 4 seconds (after slowing down or knocking out at least one enemy hero).After learning of the designer’s change of direction, some netizens asked: – Why will auxiliary Gana be punished for the single Gana?- Honestly, they can continue to reduce the growth of the glacier, no other mage will use it anyway.So what do the players think of this change and innovation of the game?# League of Legends

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