Faster!Huangpi middle ring road open to traffic, seamless link mulan scenic area group, within the domain to achieve half an hour access!

Home of Mulan, Damei Huangpi pay attention to us to learn more wonderful ~~~ Happy New Year qianchuanzhong Ring road opened to traffic, huangpi domain to achieve half an hour access, seamless link mulan scenic area group, “fast forward slow tour” to further enhance the new experience of playing.On January 30, huangpi district front chuanzhong ring line officially opened to traffic, “one foot accelerator” huangpi traffic, tourism, industry speed up development.Qianchuan Central Ring Road is the first county-level urban ring road in Hubei province, with a total length of 20 kilometers, linking several important national and provincial arterial roads.With the opening of the central ring road, huangpi half – hour traffic circle preliminary completion.Qianchuan is huangpi main urban area, is also the area of traffic “big hub”.Before that, from Wuhan to Huangpi most of the vehicles to travel through the city, and then lead to all directions, meet holiday traffic congestion.The central loop is like a dynamic ribbon that loops around the main town of Maekawa.Through this road, vehicles can quickly lead to four directions of Huangpi, east, west, north and south, which not only improves the traffic speed in and out of Huangpi, but also effectively alleviates traffic congestion in Qianchuan.After the passage of the central ring road in front of Sichuan, the Huangpi area can basically achieve half an hour access.Seamless link mulan scenic area group, “fast forward slow tour” to improve the playing experience.Qianchuan central loop connects wuhan urban area and Huangpi Mulan scenic area group. After opening to traffic, it effectively boosts huangpi District’s rural revitalization and all-area tourism upgrading, and provides tourists with a new choice of direct scenic area without going through Qianchuan turntable.”The first thing that the smooth traffic brings is a better experience for tourists. We expect the number of tourists to increase by at least 10,000 during holidays after the opening of the ring road.”Lu Ming, assistant to the general manager of Mulan Grassland Scenic spot, is confident that “after the opening of the new route, tourists can pass directly from the outside of Qianchuan, which is expected to shorten more than half an hour.”The opening of new roads also promotes the development of new tourism products in major scenic spots.Mulan Tianchi store general manager Peng Liang introduced, “after the opening of the loop line city tourists can save more than an hour, can prolong their play time in the scenic area, but also conducive to our cooperation with Jin Li gou, Mulan and other surrounding scenic areas, the development of two-day tour and other types of tourism products.”Damei Huangpi, the future can be expected.The improvement and optimization of the traffic network will provide more convenient and comfortable transportation options for residents and tourists.Welcome all the tourists from all over the country to have a holiday.Some sources of information: Huang PI rong media, etc.– the END —

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