Chow Yun-fat’s ex-wife posted a photo of her daughter celebrating her birthday

Chow’s ex-wife Yu Anan posted a series of photos on her social media platform on February 17, with the message: “My child is doing well. I hope your future and dreams will come true!”Yu anan’s youngest daughter, Li Wenqian, celebrated her 31st birthday by inviting her to a high-end restaurant instead of cooking herself.Although there are not many dishes, the dishes produced are exquisite, and just looking at them makes people want to eat.In fact, she is 62 years old.She has such a good look, figure and temperament, no wonder so many people come to her.But after her eldest daughter gave birth, she rarely appeared on stage and spent most of her time at home caring for her grandson.She has hosted only one TVB show in the past year, but has not performed.Daughter dressed in black, long hair such as waterfall, wearing elegant makeup, simple elegant dress, it is difficult to hide her noble.She inherited her mother’s beauty, big eyes, high nose, sharp features, beautiful appearance, not inferior to the entertainment circle of the big star, but unfortunately, she did not have any interest in acting.Yu was married twice and, after divorcing, had to work while taking care of her two daughters.She thought of her little daughter when she was studying abroad. In order to take care of her, she also gave up her job and went abroad with her.But unexpectedly, in a strange environment, a series of problems, so that she completely lost control of their own.However, she was afraid to tell her daughter, so she could only cry silently in the bathroom.Fortunately, the worst is over, and both daughters have their own jobs and relationships.The eldest daughter, a lawyer, married six years ago and last year gave birth to a cute little boy who was very much in love with her husband.The younger daughter has been going out with her foreign boyfriend for a long time, and the relationship has been very good. She even took her boyfriend to visit her parents, as if she had treated him as her girlfriend.Judging from the photo, the young man is quite handsome. Standing next to each other, they seem to match well.Yu Anan, a mother, must be very happy to see both children so happy.

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