Buzzer champion, 0:2 down, who pay attention to the women’s soccer girl reaction, Huang Jianxiang ridicule men’s soccer cowards

Against south Korean women’s football, we know this, it is not easy to have a game from the arrangement of the event, south Korean women’s semifinal at 4 PM, us and Japanese women’s football game in 22 at night to play, and the full seven hours of rest time was short and the physical strength is our biggest board, and this arrangement will make us more pain.In the first half of the game, the Chinese women’s physical problems have been exposed, Tang Jiali the apparent slow startup, and Richard c.haskelli when lift also let us see some puff, it also makes the Chinese women’s team first to throw a ball in the first half, the game is close to the end of the first half, and was a call for a penalty.Trailing 2-0, The Chinese women’s football team almost had to be linked to the loss, but at this time, the Chinese women’s football team’s face was full of fighting spirit, Wang Shuang said to comfort her teammates: “Nothing, we fought back is particularly loud.Compared to the men’s soccer team just talk about it, the women’s soccer team is really struggling, with the commentator Huang Jianxiang said, as long as every player runs a step more, more fighting, the opportunity will not come out.The Chinese women’s soccer team did just that. They didn’t give up and never surrendered after falling behind. The Chinese women’s soccer team won the first penalty kick by scrambling.Basing on Chinese women’s football girl’s defeat, scored the equaliser goal of the game, the Chinese girl in the 92th minute, still didn’t give up, in the face of possible injury for, women’s girl never fear, this also let Chinese women’s football commentator huang jianxiang said half the ball where there is despair, despair is a coward,Huang jianxiang was apparently mocking Chinese players who dodged the ball and jumped to avoid injury during a match against Vietnam.Win, from 0-2 to 3-2, The Chinese women’s football team worthy of the name of the sonorous roses, the Chinese women’s football team girls also worthy of the Chinese football representatives, the first half almost locked victory, is broken by their capricious little by little, finally after 16 years to win the Asian Cup champion again.At this moment, The Chinese women’s football team is the champion. At this moment, we thank the Chinese football team and the women’s football team. Our football team still has face.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, please contact delete

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