Bus driver Liu Chunru: uncle festival “plus play” to help reunion

“Dad, today we go back early in the morning to pay New Year’s greetings to you?””Just like last year, today is the second year of junior high school. I go to work.””Never mind, that you drive more attention to safety, we wait for you to come home from work.”In the early morning of the second day of the New Year, Liu Chunru, the driver of The 570 Road Express line of Jinning Team, received a phone call from his daughter when he was cleaning his car before leaving.”Suddenly I am over 50 years old, my daughter is married, and this year MY ‘status’ has been upgraded from an uncle to a father-in-law.”After hanging up the phone, Lao Liu was happy.Daughter know, in order to let the team of other uncle can be in the second day of the New Year to accompany the old man, old Liu always in this day to their own “play”, take the initiative to assume operational tasks.Liu chunru has been cleaning his car one hour ahead of schedule for decades. During the Spring Festival, he worked even harder to make his car as clean as new.”If the elder brother’s car, not wipe out, but ‘dish’ out, hit the boot cover are shiny, with him in, we are embarrassed to rest.”Liu chunru insisted that “365 days a year, every day is clean and bright car day”, under his leadership, early drivers also speed up.”Master Liu, you didn’t rest again today.”At 9 a.m., there were more and more passengers, most of whom were couples carrying gifts. Familiar passengers greeted Liu.”Used to, evening daughter come back to see us two.”He replied with a smile.”It’s worth it,” Liu always said when she saw passengers carrying cakes, cigarettes and alcohol back to their parents’ homes and transporting them safely to their families.Source: Jinyun

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