5 diseases in history, all can be called ancient torture, experienced are superman

When asked what is the most painful condition in the world, some people think of hemorrhoids, after all, the bowel movement is like a row of glass.Some people thought about giving birth because it reached the 10 most painful scale on the VAS pain scale.But do you know that there are 5 diseases in the world that bring pain at level 10 or above, all of which can be called torture. It is said that those who have experienced these pains but not been knocked down are all superheroes. Do you know which 5 diseases these are?The summer night doctor in the emergency room showed him the kind of patients who were pale and clutching their waists, some with intense nausea and vomiting, others who could not move while you were crouched on the floor, sweating profusely.Such patients are usually suffering from ureteral stones, which also cause grade 10 pain and are no less painful and dangerous than childbirth.What may start as a mild case of lower back discomfort can quickly turn into severe lower back pain if it is not treated, followed by frequent urination, urgent urination, and death from complications such as infection and kidney failure.And that’s why it’s such a terrible disease.No. 4 Most Persistent Pain shingles Shingles is called the cancer that never dies, and once it’s contracted, it’s a chronic pain.In the beginning, there are only some mild herpes on the surface of the skin, but later in the area of herpes, there will be bouts of stinging pain, even so severe that you can’t even touch it. Many people will have trouble sleeping because of this, and eventually even have the possibility of psychological breakdown.There is no good treatment for this unique neuropathic pain, which can last for years to decades and gets worse.Because people’s brain about this part of the painful memory will be constantly strengthened, in a long-term incurable situation, even there will be hypersensitive pain, even if the breeze or walking clothes slightly friction, they feel like a knife cutting acupuncture.Aortic dissection is a rare disease, affecting only two to three people per 100,000, but it is deadly and painful, with a sudden death rate of up to 20% and an in-hospital death rate of more than 30%.The normal artery is composed of three layers of intima, media and adventitia. Once the intima ruptures and blood enters the aortic wall, it will cause the separation of the normal artery wall, which is called aortic dissection.After the outbreak, the patient will often feel a tearing pain in the posterior chest and back, and then cause pain in the anterior chest and even the entire abdomen. The final result is syncope, heart failure, cerebrovascular accident, myocardial infarction and so on.In addition, scientific studies have shown that only 85%~90% of patients with aortic dissection will have pain, and another 10%~15% of patients are asymptomatic. However, patients with painless aortic dissection are in greater physical danger.If not detected and treated in time, there is a 20-30% chance of death within 24 hours, a 60-70% chance of death within two weeks, and a 90% chance of death within a month.Second, Crack head pain — the human brain subarachnoid hemorrhage surface covered with three layer film, from inside to outside, pia mater, arachnoid membrane and the dura mater, and between the pia mater and arachnoid cavity, is what we call the subarachnoid space, when cerebral vascular rupture, blood will flow into the place of our brain, then will appear the following four kinds of pain:One, simple headache.The condition is usually mild, accompanied by lethargy and nausea and vomiting.Meningeal stimulation.At this stage, patients can feel stiffness in their neck and back, as well as difficulty breathing and loss of consciousness.Three, explosion headache.At this stage, under the severe pain, people will feel their brains have split open, and even many people say that this is the most painful moment in their life, especially for the young, but not so obvious for the elderly, because they will directly pain to coma.Four, body numbness.The later stage of the disease patients will appear loss of consciousness, at the same time also photophobia, cold sweat, drooping eyelids, at any time the risk of death, so if there is a headache, or advise you to go to see it as soon as possible.The largest nerve in the face, the trigeminal nerve, is responsible for movements in the nose, mouth and throughout the face. It sends messages to the brain, making it feel like your face has been run over by a car.This is accompanied by a “toothache” that is so intense that many people mistake it for tooth decay and have their teeth pulled out to end the pain, but it doesn’t help.Not only that, trigeminal nerve pain will gradually spread, so the pain will also stack, when the trigeminal nerve pain attack, the face will appear spasmodic distortion, first white and then flushing, finally conjunctival congestion, tears flow, serious nasal drip together, unable to control.Thus, the world’s first pain is worthy of the name.To avoid suffering from these can be called torture pain, we usually still need to exercise more, regular work and rest, only improve our own immunity, develop a good and healthy lifestyle, we can avoid the torture of these pain.Of course, there are many other diseases that can also cause extreme pain, and you are welcome to discuss them in the comments section.

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