Spring Festival dinner, gout patients eat or not eat?Bookmark this dining out guide

Looking forward to, looking forward to, the Lunar New Year has also arrived.As the most important traditional festival of the year, eating is a necessary ritual, whether it is family reunion or catching up with old friends.However, this can be a problem for gout sufferers.Eat, afraid of high purine, affect the disease;Do not eat, but the big New Year, I am afraid to destroy the atmosphere…….How should gout patient eat?New Year and how to control the disease?First, control the amount of food and their own diet, eating out of the diet is often large in calories, oil, and food material purine fluid is uncertain.Therefore, after eating out, you need to pay attention to the amount of food. Compare the portion size of these dishes with the portion size at the table. If the portion size is larger than usual, you can choose to pack it, or order less.Second, pay attention to the choice of ingredients in daily diet or when eating out to eat as little as possible high purine food.So-called high purine food refers to food purine content up to 150 mg /100 grams, such as animal offal, sardines and so on.And 100 grams of food purine content between 25 to 150 mg for purine food, gout intermittently can choose to eat, but can not eat too much, such as beef, bean products, spinach, freshwater fish, etc..And 100 grams of food purine content less than 25 mg is low purine food, this kind of food is suitable for gout patients to eat, such as walnuts, almonds, roughage, milk and so on.Third, drink less thick soup and old fire soup to know that purine substances mainly exist in seafood, animal viscera and other food, because purine is easily soluble in water.Most of the food will dissolve in soup after cooking, so common soups, such as fish soup, bone soup, chicken soup and so on, all contain a lot of purine.In addition, seafood also contains a lot of purine, so it is best to use less fresh spices when cooking food, such as hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, abalone juice and so on.Fourth, eat less sweet foods. Although purines are not high in sugary foods, drinks containing fructose and glucose may increase the risk of gout attacks.Honey, for example, contains only 2.4 milligrams of purine in 100 grams of honey, but 49% of fructose. Patients with gout and hyperuricemia should eat less.It’s also important to avoid sugary drinks, candies, high-sugar desserts, and foods that are low in carbohydrates.In addition, we also need to pay attention to some invisible high-sugar foods in life, such as instant coffee, jam, sour snacks, etc.Because sugar is too high food will produce a lot of heat, and then will affect the purine metabolism in the body.Fifth, drink more water most of uric acid is excreted through urine, daily to develop the habit of drinking more water, urine output every day to ensure that up to about 2000 ml, so as to accelerate the excretion of uric acid.When drinking water, choose weak alkaline water as far as possible, such as mineral water, soda water, etc., the minerals in this kind of water can remove the excess acidic metabolic waste in the body, help improve the constitution, and is conducive to the excretion of uric acid.In addition, it is also noted that alcohol will increase the level of blood lactic acid in the body, which will affect the excretion of uric acid in the body, so it is best not to drink drinks containing alcohol in patients with gout.Sixth, master the correct cooking method correct cooking method can help reduce the content of purine in food, when cooking meat or vegetables, you can first blanch the water before cooking, which can reduce the content of purine in food, but also reduce the calories.How can Gout attack when my diet is strictly controlled?Many patients have this problem.It has to do with the purines our bodies need to metabolize, and in fact, most of them come from within us, not from food.So even after completing the low-purine diet, blood uric acid levels were only reduced by 60μmol/L, and most gout patients still had high uric acid levels.Therefore, dietary control is important, but to control the disease, also need medication.Therefore, during the Chinese New Year, do not forget to take medicine regularly!References: Chinese Society of Endocrinology.Chinese expert consensus on hyperuricemia and gout treatment.Chinese Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, 2013, 29: 913-920.

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