Liu Yifei eyes too can act, side yan let a person crazy heart, net friend: dynamic than fine repair also good-looking

On Feb 14, costume drama “Dream Record” released a special custom poster for Valentine’s Day, and Chen Xiaohe and Liu Yifei exposed a stunning side.This poster is an unusual plan.Perhaps it should be known that the long-awaited audience will not be satisfied with this \ U200b \ U200b zhang poster, “dream flower city” officials very closely sent shooting tunnel.Although only 15 seconds, it makes a big texture, which will far exceed the tacit understanding between Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao, the two lead actors.Liu Yixi on the flower just show the right side, the eyes of the eyes, the eyes, emotions and Chen Xiaofei, let people see her play “Zhao Liu” period, who saw this scene, who can’t go crazy!The two men didn’t say a word, but Liu’s big eyes made the atmosphere awkward.Netizens saw that the two were “color CP”, and some netizens thought that Dynamic Liu Yifei was better than Dense by more than 10,000 times.Whether dynamic or dense, each has its own unique beauty because it is unique.Liu yifei’s number of works is not high.In recent years, she finally has a costume job and everyone gets to meet, and fans are still very excited.”Dream flower Capital” tells Zhao Fanna (Liu Yifei) who was abandoned by her fiance (Liu Yimei) to ask herself to ask herself and save herself from suicide, Sanyi (Liu Yan), and an abusive good sister who was lied to and abused after marriage (Lin Yunjian).After unremitting efforts, the three sisters live in Chawen, marking the small tea house as a large restaurant and living from it.Look forward to the “dream gorgeous” online, look forward to

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