Kbauvalyeva cried

Two ‘deliberate’ falls on the court, Kbovalyeva must have been devastated at the time.After finishing fourth in what could easily have been a gold medal, Valieva was undoubtedly one of the saddest athletes of the Beijing Games.Because a few days ago the drug doubt, as long as K Bao took the women’s single figure skating medal will not be held the award ceremony, the crown and the third runner-up can not get the medal and gold dun dun, obviously this matter to valieva caused psychological pressure really too big.She had a terrible breakdown in the free skate, making mistakes from start to finish, a completely disastrous performance.Valieva’s fall meant her teammates Cherbacova and Sasha Trussova could win gold, silver and gold.On the other hand, it could be valieva’s contribution to her teammates.It’s kind of cruel for a 15 year old gifted figure skater to carry such a heavy burden…Do you have anything to say, gentlemen?I will not get lost, welcome to follow the comments and discussion.Your interaction is my greatest source of motivation!

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