Anti-drug Propaganda never stops qidong Youth League County Party Committee builds strong anti-drug “firewall”

Youth lecturers show real cases through videos and explain the dangers of drugs in humorous and easy to understand language.Massachusetts moment hengyang February 16 – (correspondent FuJiao dragon Alice reporter min) to further strengthen anti-drug publicity and education, improve the people especially teenagers know poison, poison, antivirus, refusing HIV awareness and ability, during the Spring Festival, qidong well county, give full play to the communist youth league group the function of education to serve the youth, actively planning to deploy,Jointly with guiyang Town People’s Government, Bowen Education Guiyang Campus and double first-class art studio, we held the anti-drug publicity activity of “Resist drug abuse and Cherish good Life”.”What are the tell-all characteristics of people who take drugs?””Can drugs be quit once?”This is qidong county group county party committee to carry out anti-drug knowledge classroom scene, the vivid scene that the student asks enthusiastically.Is, on the same day, Yang town, more than 110 young students independently to the scene, the county youth branch members through video display case, with humor, explain the harm of drugs in simple words, how to prevent and resist drugs and related laws and regulations knowledge, improve teenagers against drugs ideological understanding, create a good atmosphere in drug control.After class, several teenagers summed up the lesson: be careful when you go out in the future, the new drugs are too good-looking, remember that “illness comes from mouth” and “there is no free lunch”.The same day, qi East tuan county committee staff issued a total of more than 500 copies of anti-drug propaganda materials, each to a place, all the site invited children and youth representatives to read anti-drug knowledge, will preach atmosphere to a climax, and invited all site personnel to undertake anti-drug oath.Anti-drug propaganda never stops.It is reported, qi East county party committee last year in perfect organization, build propaganda platform, build activity carrier on the basis of, walk into county yuhe central primary school, county vocational secondary school, taihe hall town more than 30 village living community and more than 20 key places, carry out “anti-drug” theme education classroom, anti-drug propaganda activities 62 times,Distributing various anti-drug publicity materials, brochures, for oral propaganda, the vivid warning for visiting personnel education, anti-drug publicity materials out of more than 27600 copies of all the year round, covering over 18000 young people, the education of masses of more than 32000 people, has obtained the good effect of publicity, the national anti-drug consciousness was promoted.

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