You need to have your eyes checked regularly. Do you have any family members?

You need to have your eyes checked regularly. Do you have any family members?The eye is an important organ of the human body, but at ordinary times we do not seem to care too much, just want to check when myopia needs to wear glasses.In recent years, eye examination has been paid more and more attention in the annual physical examination.In particular, some eye disease symptoms hidden, through regular examination can be found as early as possible, intervention.For the following four groups, it is recommended to receive regular annual eye health examination.01 high myopia person undertakes fundus examination regularly a lot of people think, myopia is to wear pair myopic lens just, do not know myopic degree is higher however, cause eye ministry other disease more likely.When myopia exceeds 600 degrees, it is called high myopia.After myopic, myopic degree is taller, eye shaft can be longer.The axial length of the eyes of highly myopic people is much longer than that of non-myopic people.An eyeball is like a balloon. The bigger you blow it, the easier it will pop.As the axis of the eye grows, the eyeball wall also gets more pull and becomes more fragile.And it is easy to appear all kinds of fundus lesions, such as retinal detachment, macular hole, etc..Because high myopia has the possibility of all kinds of fundus lesions, it is not recommended that high myopia in daily life for strenuous exercise and high intensity activities.In order to prevent the occurrence of fundus lesions, it is also recommended that people with high myopia should have regular fundus examination every year.With the growth of age, various organs of the human body inevitably appear some aging phenomenon.Age-related eye diseases can also strike, such as age-related cataracts, which are common.In recent years, there has been an increase in young cataract patients, most of which are caused by a long axis of the eye (high degree of myopia), allowing cataracts to arrive earlier.The exact reason is unknown at present. The possible explanation is that myopia not only elongates the eye axis of the eyeball, but also enlarging the width of the eyeball. The lens inside the eyeball also changes due to metabolic mechanism, which makes the lens aging in advance and causes the occurrence of cataracts in advance.A few in old age friend, because do not have relevant knowledge, when occurrence cataract, often be mistaken for the person is old dazzled, ignore, or it is oneself use folk prescription, eye drop undertakes “cure”, bring about the life to appear all sorts of inconvenience.Advanced cataract may be accompanied by other eye diseases.Regular examinations can help detect cataracts early, and surgery may be considered if the condition affects your quality of life.Diabetes and hypertension is a chronic disease, with the progress of time, will bring chronic damage to the heart, brain, blood vessels, eyes and other organs.Because the early symptoms are not obvious, many people are easy to take lightly, but over time, the damage gradually worsens.For example: common diabetic fundus lesions. With the growth of the course of diabetes, the incidence of diabetic fundus lesions will gradually increase, especially for friends with poor blood glucose control, the fundus situation is often not optimistic.In the early stage of the disease, the symptoms of fundus lesions caused by diabetes may not be obvious, if not treated in time, delay to the middle and late stage, not only the loss of vision is difficult to recover, the treatment is more difficult.Therefore, while monitoring blood sugar and blood pressure, people with diabetes and hypertension should also receive regular eye examination, especially fundus examination, and cooperate with treatment.At present, the eye health problems of children and adolescents are becoming increasingly prominent, with a high incidence of myopia and a trend of younger age.Children in the peak of physical development, their vision development also ushered in a critical period.Some eye diseases can have lifelong effects on children if they are not detected and treated in time.For children and teenagers, myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism and other refractive problems are the most common.When myopia has just appeared or just happened, if it is not corrected and controlled in a timely manner, it may lead to rapid growth of myopia degree.In addition, strabismus, amblyopia, also is the common symptom in the growing process of children and teenagers.This kind of situation on the one hand will affect the child’s visual development, if not timely prevention and control, treatment, may lead to lifelong damage to the child’s visual function, affect the future life and employment.Regular inspection and the establishment of visual health records are conducive to the discovery of refractive errors in children, timely intervention, prevention and control, correction, and the effect will be better.Special attention should be paid to the problem of myopia in children and teenagers. Myopia is caused by excessive near-use of eyes for a long time, resulting in visual fatigue.Increase the use of eyes alternately to see near and far, pay attention to far-sighted exercise, relieve visual fatigue, care for eye health, you can prevent and control myopia.In the current exam-oriented education environment, children have great learning pressure, online classes, reading and writing, watching TV, mobile phones are close to the eye, is also the main factor causing high incidence of myopia in children and teenagers.In order to prevent and control myopia, it is necessary to transform near-use eyes into long-range state, and convert reading and writing to near-sight of more than ten meters.Extend the distance of life from a few meters to a more distant distance.It is an ideal way to prevent and control the occurrence and development of myopia to increase the time of far-sightedness, exercise far-sightedness, continuously empower the eyes, improve the ability of far-sightedness, improve visual fatigue, use the eyes scientifically and rationally, and protect visual health.

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