Yantai young young’s new home, a person’s 66 square meters nest, a person’s sea view room

Among today’s young people, living alone seems to be the norm.Compared with the daily necessities of two people together, the solitary life of one person seems more agreeable.Like the 66 square meters apartment shared in this issue, the owner is a young man living alone in Yantai, a person’s nest, complete with their own preferences to decorate, to create a person’s seascape room, really people envy.Enter the porch in, can feel a party belongs to the be fond of male youth, the log ambry of natural texture, a group of simple change shoe stool, still have water smooth cement ground.Look like contracted design, appear more maverick however.From porch position, can see sitting room area, still can pass ark of whole lens, see the inverted image of kitchen area, whole space appears all the more fully on the vision easy.The design of the whole living room area is not the layout of the traditional living room, but the layout of the enclosing type. The study and dining table surround the living room, creating a practical and diverse new space.Such a home, appear more younger, also let us see contemporary young people’s unique aesthetic.The restaurant is set behind the sofa in the living room, with log wind elements, with several groups of high chairs, here is both the dining area, but also the bar, you can sit here to drink, look at the night, overlooking the distant sea view, the fun in life, really within reach.The design concept of this case is not simply for living, but for the purpose of enclosing functional layout, to the greatest extent implanted in the current young people’s life needs.Hovering between functionality and comfort, creating a conscious solitary life for contemporary youth.Therefore, the design of the whole house is particularly casual. On the top of the transparent glass wall, there is also a bicycle that the owner likes, which has become the decoration of the house.Compared with those who decorate a style, this case design depends on the be fond of that blends in house advocate individual more, perhaps such house lives just comfortable.The layout of the whole space is very simple. The storage area is enclosed in a way that wraps the functional area. The integrated layout of the guest restaurant makes the whole home more open and generous.In the design of this case, after the communication between the designer and the owner, the non-standard design scheme is mainly aimed at creating a comfortable living space in the apartment in the big city.This space, accord with the unique personality of house owner already, also can present a special temperament, this point appears particularly outstanding in guest eat area, gray department is tonal + natural wood color texture, appear to have advanced feeling all the more.Next to the restaurant is a kitchen space with silver as the main, with wood color cabinet design, it is particularly scientific and technological.The lampblack machine that drops from the ceiling at the same time also is a large window.On the TV background wall, a bicycle hangs, seemingly out of place, but without any feeling of depression, so that the wall has become the most eye-catching design in the whole apartment.The design of the whole functional area is very chic, with warm colors, fresh log natural wind, cotton and linen color texture, all seem very comfortable.This is coupled with a completely open kitchen space layout, from the living room to the study, every 1㎡ of the entire space is fully utilized.The master bedroom is dominated by dark colors, with large floor-to-ceiling Windows, creating a comfortable sleeping environment.At the same time, natural light also weakens the dark tone of the space, creating a sense of open space.Whole advocate lie space appears halcyon and comfortable, atmosphere appears all the more graceful.At the same time, the designer also made use of the master bedroom space, split a small cloakroom, with mirror brick wall, to create a transparent and generous space pattern, but also has a full storage function.In the design of the toilet, a large area of strip tiles is added to create a very chic space atmosphere, and then matched with smart wash mirror layout, so that the bathroom space in the line of sight, appears particularly open.Collocation again the layout of type of dry wet separation, clever structure, let each functional area do not interfere with each other, also let toilet more show neat and beautiful at the same time.Write in the end for the young people now, no matter it is a person lives, or two people together, as long as it is their favorite decoration, they can live their favorite life, especially this kind of “facing the sea with spring blossoms” seascape apartment, really be the ideal home of many people.So, if it were you, would you choose a big apartment or a small apartment?

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