Not as required to carry out elevator maintenance shandong Zhengyang elevator was reported after being fined

Shandong Zhengyang Elevator Co., Ltd. has received an administrative fine of 30,000 yuan for failing to maintain its elevators in Jinan’s Yinfengshan Residential area, Shizhong District, in accordance with safety specifications.According to the report clues, on November 5, 2021, jinan Market Supervision Administration law enforcement officers conducted on-site inspection on the use of elevators in Yinfeng Villa, Shizhong District, Jinan City. There are 45 elevators in the community, all within the effective inspection cycle, and the elevator maintenance unit is Shandong Zhengyang Elevator Co., LTD.Law enforcement officers on the “elevator routine maintenance records” inspection found that within 15 days from the inspection did not fill in maintenance records of 17;The last maintenance record of the elevator registered in Unit 1 of Building 16 was On November 3. The surveillance video of the elevator on November 3 was checked and it was found that no elevator maintenance personnel had carried out maintenance work on the elevator.No other elevators were found to be illegal.According to “Special Equipment Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” article 88 “in violation of the provisions of this law, without permission, engaged in elevator maintenance, shall be ordered to stop the illegal act, imposed a fine of more than 10,000 yuan but less than 100,000 yuan;The illegal gains, if any, shall be confiscated.If the elevator maintenance unit fails to carry out elevator maintenance in accordance with the provisions of this Law and the requirements of safety technical specifications, it will be punished in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph. On February 16, 2022, Jinan Market Supervision Administration will impose a fine of 30,000 YUAN on it.Confiscated illegal income: 7,622.46 yuan.Baidu Encyclopedia shows that Shandong Zhengyang Elevator Co., Ltd. was established on June 18, 2010.Legal representative Liu Chongyang, the company’s business scope includes: maintenance: passenger elevator (A), cargo elevator (A), hydraulic elevator (A), sundries elevator (A), escalator (B) moving sidewalk (B), installation:Hydraulic elevator (B), passenger elevator (A), cargo elevator (A), escalator (A) (the above operation projects shall operate according to the approved period of the license);Wholesale, retail: elevator and accessories, electronic products;Property management, economic and trade consulting, building equipment automatic control system engineering, electronics and intelligent engineering;And other projects that are not prohibited by laws, regulations or decisions of The State Council and do not require business licenses.(NetEase Jinan)

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