Must-see exhibition 2022!Did the dinosaurs come to jinglu?There are fantastic gems to discover!

The hottest spot in the Spring — Shandong Museum “Shandong Dragon — Through the Cretaceous” exhibition became popular as soon as it opened!LLL Photography: Shao Kai “Shandong Dragon — Through the Cretaceous”, this exhibition to shandong Cretaceous dinosaurs as the protagonist can be described as very “informative”!Shandong province was the first place in China to conduct scientific excavation and research on dinosaurs.There are abundant dinosaur bones, eggs and footprints preserved in the Cretaceous strata of Shandong province.Shandong province in the Cretaceous period is the paradise of dinosaurs. Members of various groups of the dinosaur family once lived and bred here, which can be called the “lost Cretaceous world” in the dinosaur empire.Photo: Shao Kai walks into the dinosaur exhibition hall on the third floor of the museum, as if caught by a time machine and thrown into an era when dinosaurs ruled the earth.The exhibition hall simulates the ecology of ancient times and restores the real life scene of dinosaurs.Winter vacation children excited to take a photo, playing with the parents is also amazing.Among them are the earliest named sauropod dinosaur in China, Discopoda Shi;The standard fossil of the Early Cretaceous, psittacosaurus;The largest hadrosaurs are the giant Shandong dragon and the prickle-nosed Qingdao dragon, which is the first dragon of New China.The biggest attraction for kids is the giant Shandong dinosaur, a hadrosaur with a duck-like mouth shaped like an oversized flat clip.The dinosaur landed on its back feet and raised its front feet as if to catch something in front of it.Four dinosaurs. Kids can’t get enough of them.On the wall of the exhibition hall, there is also a 3D screen with naked eyes, which reflects the scenes of dinosaur hunting and breeding through story after story, attracting the children’s surprise.Photography: The second and third floor viewing platforms are also set up in the Shao Kai Exhibition hall. You can watch the dinosaurs in the exhibition hall from different angles.On the third floor of the viewing platform, there are toy sales, all kinds of dinosaur plush toys can be seen here, as well as dinosaur puzzles, dinosaur comics and other toys loved by children.Photography: Next to Shao Kai is a research space, where children can observe and understand dinosaurs more deeply through the microscope. There are special teachers to guide children step by step, which greatly inspires children’s interest in scientific exploration.The Spring Festival holiday, the cultural feast wonderful, in the dinosaur exhibition hall opposite, but also hidden a glittering and translucent dream of the world.Just at the entrance of the exhibition hall, I was already attracted. Here is the mineral exhibition of Crystal · Color — Exploring the Magical Mineral World.Photo: Shao Kai always thought that gems could only be seen in jewelry stores.I did not expect shandong museum also have, but more colorful, more unique shape!(Larger) Not as fine and round as in a jewelry store, but a glimpse of how rich and beautiful the ore can be.Precious and rare gemstones from precious gemstones — ruby, sapphire, emerald to tourmaline, topa stone, aquamarine and other common gems, glittering and translucent gemstones have been loved by people, but the unpolished treasures of the original stone is what?Photography: Shao Kai can reveal the mystery when he enters the exhibition hall, the exhibition hall will be necklace, ring face and other gem jewelry with the mineral stone together, the audience can more directly recognize the original stone!The dark exhibition hall is first attracted by a series of colorful luminescent objects. Here is the fluorescent mineral exhibition area, which is known as the genie of the night.When seen in visible light, they look like ordinary rocks, but when excited by ultraviolet light, they glow brightly.The exhibition opens the veil of these spirits of dark matter, showing the ore under different wavelengths of ultraviolet light in front of people, attracting people to stop.The exhibition of immersive Experience of ore mining is also a “Shandong fan” with “full energy and integrity”.Photography: Shao Kai is mineral resources in shandong province, the main minerals including gold, iron, coal, graphite, gypsum, cement with limestone, glass with sand, etc., according to 2017 statistics, listed the top 10 of mineral resources in shandong province has 73 kinds, with gold mining, coal mine as an example, shandong resources are mostly distributed in hundreds of meters underground, the deepest can amount to thousands of meters.The exhibition innovatively moves the underground mine cave into the exhibition hall, and reproduces the underground working environment and scene such as roadway, mining car and track, making people experience the process of ore mining in an immersive way!This exhibition can be called “the essence of heaven and earth”.The exhibition displays more than 300 exquisite specimens of minerals and gems from more than 100 kinds around the world. Visitors can walk into the mineral world, appreciate the magic of nature and understand the stories behind minerals.From stone hammers and axes to fired pottery, human knowledge of the properties of minerals has driven the development of social life.There are surprise eggs at the end of every exhibition, and this one is no exception.The interactive space in the exhibition hall is very interesting, making gems online, experiencing the medicinal use of minerals…Children can use their imagination and creativity to explore the wonders of the mineral world.Photography: Shao Kai | | | so interesting and beautiful exhibition, must be the friend to see this offer!Let Shandong Museum occupy your circle of friends!Shandong Museum no. 11899, Jingshi Road, Lixia District, Jinan city, Shandong Province tel: 0531-85058202 Exhibition Duration: Currently shandong Museum permanent exhibition9:00-17:00 (admission will be closed after 16:00).You need to make an appointment in advance during the epidemic. You can make an appointment through the wechat account of Shandong Museum or the official website of Shandong Museum. Those who do not make an appointment are not allowed to enter.After the reservation, you can enter the museum with the reservation certificate, valid certificate and health pass code.Minors should be guided by their parents by appointment.Tips: Epidemic prevention and control cannot be ignored. Please take good personal protection when traveling, wear masks, show your health code, and actively cooperate with scenic spots and venues to complete epidemic prevention and control.

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