More than 100 tourist vehicles trapped in the middle of the night descend from the back of Mount Huaying in Sichuan

After more than 10 hours of shoveling snow and clearing traffic, more than 100 tourist vehicles stranded on the snowy road of Huaying Mountain rolled down the mountain at around 4 am on February 7.Zhu Huabin, an old policeman, and his colleagues went to the highway to check traffic safety risks.Zhu Huabin, 59, is a police officer at Tianchi Police Station of Huaying City Public Security Bureau.At around 6pm on February 6th, Zhu Huabin and his colleagues Peng Bo and You Ke handled a police incident in the parking lot of Huaying Mountain Scenic Area. They saw that the road began to freeze and many vehicles were trapped. They got out of the car to help traffic.The snow is getting bigger and bigger, to about 12 o ‘clock in the night, the road snow more than 3 cm.More than 100 tourist vehicles were stranded on the icy road because of slippery ice and steep turns.Regardless of whether his health was bearable or not, Zhu huabin ran back and forth with his colleagues in the wind and snow to maintain traffic order and remove snow and ice.”We ate instant noodles all night. It was cold outside, maybe a few degrees below zero, and the wind felt like needles in our faces,” Peng said.Up to 4 o ‘clock in the morning of February 7, lasted more than 10 hours, trapped more than 100 vehicles left more than 3 kilometers of ice and snow road, safe down the mountain.”In the middle of the night, such a big snow, but also ensure us safe down the mountain, thank you yo.”A tourist rolled down his window and thanked the police as he passed them.After the trapped vehicle safely descended the mountain, Zhu huabin did not take a rest. He and his colleagues immediately cooperated with the scenic area staff to shovel snow, sprinkle salt and check traffic safety hazards on the road leading to the scenic area.After 6 o ‘clock in the morning, the sky was slightly bright, looking back at the smooth scenic road, Zhu Huabin and his colleagues drove down the mountain.(Tang Guanghui, Tian Xiaogu reporter, Shen Qiaorong)

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