Good and small selection of copywriting

Shallow xi like a dog, deep love such as the wind.1 dandelion free and easy wind, I will go ~2 do not see the day you shine at the same time also want to go in peace 3.I think taking it slow is also a kind of sincerity, so the mountains are high and the waters are far away. Let’s take it slow.4. Always think that the clear from the clear, but forget that people are terrible.Only your brightness is like the mist that sweeps over the mountains.The people have faith, the nation has hope, and the country has strength.Caught off guard the heart, from the beginning can not be undone.There is no correlation between appearance and nurture. The grass is bearing its seeds and the wind is shaking its leaves.When we stand and say nothing, it’s beautiful.11. Whatever lifestyle you choose, be kind to yourself.12. The hot mountains and rivers are not as good as malatang.13. Staring into space is the only free cosmic travel.14. I had the pleasure of meeting you again.15 the long-planned romance, time pays off.16 time shannan shubei, you and I between the sea of people.Firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, human fireworks are also interesting.18 far to the world surprised Hong banquet, not emotional.19 Turn around is the wind blowing black hair, look back to already snow full whitehead.20. Wait for time to reward you.21. Life is good, remember to smile, happy is good. 22.Wine cup is too shallow respect to the coming days long, lane is too short to go to gray hair, not young keep old love, but the years panic people!24 cicadas in the summer, I quietly turned back to say goodbye to the classroom full of stories.26. During the day: Hahahahahahahaha.Night is: the world is not worth it.27 love and not love to be honest.Many, many years ago, WHEN I was lying on the mat blowing a fan, the air was hot and still, mixed with cicadas and sophora flowers near and far, I thought the world was so small, and I thought I would never grow up.29. Trust your gentleness to someone who can pick up on your little emotions 30. When you get older, some things are compromised.I know everything, but I can’t change anything.If you’re worried that you’re getting too old to start learning something now, think of it this way: You’ll still get older even if you give up.Life is never perfect, each has its own shortcomings, each has its own difficulties, each has its own troubles, each has its own way of life!All that matters is that we live in the present.34 the greatest weakness of a person is not selfish passionate savage capricious, but paranoid love a person who does not love themselves.

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