Chongqing hongmei treasure, booking can be free of ticket, winter travel good place

In the cold winter of Chongqing, only red plums are unbeatable through frost. Since ancient times, white snow and red plums have been frequent visitors in the works of countless literati and are praised by countless literati for their beautiful scenery in winter.Thousands of red plum trees are in full bloom on “Guangyang Island” in Chongqing. The whole area is pink in winter, making it a good place to enjoy flowers during Spring Festival outing.Chongqing “guang Yang island”, is a natural landscape and human landscape, the theory of natural landscape here mountains, water, fields, forests, lakes, grass, etc from soup to nuts, theory of humanistic tradition here has a history of dayu harnessing of legend, legend has it because dayu harnessing of use the rake to dig up the mountain when three rake the soil, soil throw into the river washed into big puddles, then formed the three DAMS,Hence the name: Guangyang dam.Shangyangying on Guangyang Island is the hongmei planting park, where there are thousands of hongmei trees.Walking into the park, there is romantic pink everywhere, everywhere is a sky of pink.Walking under the red plum tree, a gust of cold wind blows, light red plum flowers come in front of you, and you feel a bit of paradise. At the same time, it is also a very suitable place for taking photos, both people and scenery can take satisfactory photos.Guang Yang as many as thousands of plum blossom is not only the number on the island, and there are more abundant varieties of red berries, with a variety of different varieties of red berries here and opening up, and under the set off of other plants and echo around, the whole area need not too much rendering and ink ornament, walk in here will give a person a kind of flowers, years static good wonderful flowers experience.Coming to guangyang Island in winter, not only the red plum blossom is a must-see bright spot here, but also the natural landscape here is very worthy of appreciation.By the lake reeds sway in the wind, and the tall reeds add poetry and harmony to the lake and lawn.When a cold wind blows, the rustling sound of reeds and the sound of water by the lake are mixed together, quite reminiscent of the pastoral life under Tao Yuanming’s pen.Guangyang Island in Chongqing has many sights worth watching in winter, including thousands of blooming red plums, reeds swaying in the wind, horses kept in captivity, airport ruins preserved during the Anti-Japanese War, soldiers’ barracks, US army guest houses, blockhouses and other war sites.Guangyang Island, excellent ecological environment, outstanding natural landscape, and only more than 10 kilometers from the city.Now on the island has been built: shangba forest, peak terraces, peak homes, rape fields, Fendai cao fields, shengli grassland and other natural ecological viewing areas.

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