AMD will increase graphics card production after the acquisition of Sirens, and try to surpass Nvidia in product strength

Nowadays, the competition in the field of HIGH-PERFORMANCE computing chips has entered the white-hot stage, and various giants have opened their frontiers.Nvidia’s previous attempt to buy Arm for $40 billion fell apart amid opposition from regulators in multiple countries.AMD, another graphics giant, recently announced a $50 billion deal to buy Syris, a semiconductor maker, setting a new record for the chip industry.Graphics chips are one of AMD’s core businesses, so the deal’s impact on AMD’s graphics capacity is also important.In response, AMD CEO Zifeng Su said that the acquisition of Silas means THAT AMD will be able to control the supply chain more efficiently and get more products into the hands of customers.However, Su zifeng also said graphics capacity may not be eased soon.This is similar to nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang’s assessment that the supply of graphics chips will remain tight in the first half of this year and will not improve until the second half of the year at the earliest. AMD is also working with customers over the longer term to improve graphics supply efficiency.While AMD’s graphics chips have made significant strides in recent years, its product line is still considered to be behind Nvidia’s, so buying Syrance could be an opportunity for AMD to make a complete comeback.And if AMD can solve the graphics supply dilemma first, it will be a solid step on the way back.

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