4th generation Emgrand releases Asian Games joint color “ink white”

On March 20th, as the official designated car for the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games, the 4th generation Emgrand officially released the joint color of “ink white” for the Asian Games at geely Changxing Base of “5G+ smart factory” to present the Asian Games with a more positive image.Hangzhou Asian Games color system designer Guo Jinyong also attended the event, on-site interpretation of “ink white” and the Asian Games story.According to the introduction, “water ink white” meaning inclusive myriad weather, eclectic, and “heart blend, mutual tolerance” of the Spirit of the Asian Games, conveying confidence and optimism, not afraid of challenges of the good hope.In October last year, the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games officially announced the color system of the Asian Games with the theme of “light make-up and heavy make-up”, showing the colorful hangzhou picture scroll of the new era, which combines the lush natural ecology of lakes and mountains with the passion of innovative vitality and sports.At the beginning of the development of the 4th generation Emgrand body paint color, the concept of color application was closely combined with the Hangzhou Asian Games.Ink-white is a flowing color, pure color and inclusive color. In order to show ink-white car color more perfectly, the 4th generation Emgrand adopts industry-leading, high-standard environmental protection and other technological requirements in material selection, production and other processes to truly achieve a brighter, more durable and more environmentally friendly finished product effect.Magic process titanium dioxide slurry, stable highlighting more than 4 points — the 4th generation Emgrand was born from Geely auto advanced “5G+ intelligent factory” Changxing manufacturing base, with industry-leading intelligent manufacturing process and low-carbon green workshop.In order to make the ink white car paint to achieve a brighter effect, the 4th generation emgrand to the extreme cold highlighting white paste as raw material, through PPG patent “MOFA” precision grinding process, the ink white brightness is 4 units higher than the general white in the industry, to ensure no impurities and no color.In the process of spraying, strictly control the environment of spraying room, eliminate particles ≥10μm, to ensure constant temperature and humidity.In addition, each model has a unique spraying profile, precise control of spraying Angle, trajectory, flow, presenting a perfect paint film appearance.Electrophoresis for 5 minutes, body anti-corrosion for 10 years — In order to make the ink white car paint have a lasting quality, the 4th generation emgrand painting workshop uses the industry’s advanced IGBT rectifier power supply, the thickness uniformity of the electrophoresis film on the inner and outer surface of the body is very good, to ensure the body anti-corrosion for 10 years.45 German Duer robots operate at the same time to achieve 100% automatic spraying.At the same time, film pretreatment + high penetration electrophoresis +B1B2 spraying process +2K varnish, not only create the ultimate mirror transparent appearance, make the paint bright and bright, but also improve the corrosion resistance of the paint, so that the body lasts as long as new.Zero discharge of heavy metals, not a drop of sewage into Taihu lake – in order to ensure healthy and environmental protection in the process of research and development and production, the fourth generation of Emgrand strictly selected the supply of ink and white environmental protection paint, using environmental protection from PPG low carbon water-based paint.The paint uses “Hydrocolor” technology platform, VOC content is generally reduced by 60g/L compared to the existing system, better than the German standard, to achieve true environmental protection and low carbon.At the same time, in the spraying process, the cutting-edge environmental protection film process and the international advanced wheel concentration +RTO waste gas treatment system are used to achieve phosphorus free waste residue, zero emission of heavy metals such as nickel and manganese, which fully meet the strict environmental protection requirements of Taihu Lake basin and fully reflect Geely’s social responsibility and responsibility.It is understood that white is just the favorite color of the 4th generation Emgrand users, and the proportion of white users is as high as 59.3%. While the ink and white paint color is bright, non-toxic and pollution-free, which will also bring better visual enjoyment and healthier car use experience to users.This year is the 13th year for Emgrand to deeply cultivate the car market. The total sales volume of Emgrand family has exceeded 3.4 million units, ranking the top of Chinese brand car sales for 10 consecutive years, writing the champion story of Chinese car brand.The 80,000th new car was officially delivered six months after the 4th generation Emgrand was launched.In the general environment of lack of core, the actual order volume of the fourth generation Emgrand reached 100,000 units, with an average monthly sales of more than 10,000 units, which verified its strong market competitiveness and the market reputation of “Chinese brand champion home Sedan”.The release of the ink and white Asian Games combined color is not only an important measure of Geely to promote the Asian Games culture and pay tribute to the Spirit of the Asian Games, but also the feedback of the 4th generation Emgrand to the users’ love.In the future, Geely Auto will continue to deepen the implementation of the “Asian Games strategy” and join hands with all sectors of society to help the 19th Asian Games become a new “city name card” of Hangzhou.

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