Xiamen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been approved as the national TCM service export base

Source: People’s Daily online – fujian channel Original manuscript recently, after the national hospitals, universities and large enterprise competition layer upon layer and examination of reply, xiamen municipal hospital approved by the Ministry of Commerce and state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, became the second batch of national service export base of traditional Chinese medicine, it is reported, this is also in fujian province, the first national export base of traditional Chinese medicine service.TCM service export bases are TCM enterprises and institutions featuring TCM related medical care, education and training, scientific research, industry and culture, and are an important force in TCM service export.The second batch of 14 National TCM service export bases covers 13 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government.Xiamen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine was selected as brics International TCM health think tank. The picture shows the awarding ceremony.Students of Canadian College of Acupuncture and Moxibustion came to Xiamen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for a visit.In recent years, relying on xiamen’s policy advantages and location advantages, Xiamen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has further deepened service cooperation, and has made remarkable achievements in actively expanding the “Internet + TRADITIONAL Chinese Medicine” service mode.It will take this as an opportunity, in combination with the brics innovation base, Hester core and Taiwan compatriots Taiwanese landing the first home, the first stop combinative oneself is actual, strengthen the top-level design, strengthening financial management, marketing campaign expand and improve the project management, expand the business scope, high-value, improve service quality, etc, to carry out the fine related policy measures,Actively promote the construction of traditional Chinese medicine service export base, give full play to advantages, make characteristics and results.In the next step, Xiamen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine will thoroughly implement the “Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on Promoting the Inheritance, Innovation and Development of TRADITIONAL Chinese Medicine” and the “Notice on Measures to Support the High-quality Development of The National TCM Service Export Base” jointly issued by the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.From perfecting the system mechanism, innovation support policy, enhance the level of facilitation and expand international cooperation space, strengthen personnel training and motivation in five aspects, to carry out the relevant policies and measures, strive to improve the development environment, form the department policy to support a national Chinese medicine service export base of xiamen city hospital to develop trade in services of traditional Chinese medicine, to achieve high quality development,To promote Xiamen’s TCM services to the world and enhance its international influence.(Jiang Changming Ni Jingjing)

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