There are seven big things retirees should be aware of in January 2022 when pensions change completely

In 2022 the first month, the pension is more special, retiree pensions for new change, a total of seven thing worthy of note, involves the pension amount change, rising festival bonus, grant date change, change, new requirements of the qualification, etc., bears on the immediate interests of the each retiree, careless can not,Shall we find out what’s going on?1) In January 2022, the date of pension payment will be changed in some regions!The change of pension payment date will affect the expenditure plans and arrangements of many retirees, especially as the Spring Festival is approaching. It should be paid more attention — in January, the pension payment date has been adjusted in some places and will be slightly delayed. For example, the pension payment in Yichang city of Hubei Province will be slightly delayed due to the switchover of online social security system.January pensions will be slightly delayed about 10 or so to account (yichang normal release date is 15th), one of the yichang zigui is clear in the January 25 or so to issue order, and quanzhou of fujian province huian notice of urban and rural residents in January and landless workers pension will be delayed, is expected to issue for 1 month or so.2) in January 2022, many people will get more pension account to account the amount of pension is special in January, there are a lot of people to the amount of the account will be more, there are mainly 3 reasons, the first is at present at least 19 provinces announced the 2021 pension new of plan hair base, so in advance again reissue, difference, the difference in January replacement order,For example, Xinxiang city of Henan Province clearly provides one month will be implemented to make up the difference;Second, in late January, retirees in some areas have started to implement the subsidy of saving fees. Shanghai and Guangzhou have also recently increased the standard of saving fees (In Shanghai, the saving fees for those aged 80 and above have recently increased to 900 yuan, and those aged 80 will be given 800 yuan, which is 150 yuan higher than the old method.Guangzhou city is the latest is divided into New Year 100 yuan and 50 yuan two files, enterprise retirement 100 yuan, social bid 50 yuan, 30 yuan higher than the old method), such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Guangzhou and so on, the most is Ningbo 2000 yuan;Third, some regions continue to provide winter heating subsidies to retirees in January, such as Shandong province and Nanyang City in Henan Province. Shandong province pays 1,700 yuan in January (note that it pays new retirees in December), while Nanyang City in Henan province pays 120 yuan in January. Therefore, we should pay attention to check the accounts.3) in January, part of the retiree pensions will temporarily not to account, will be in suspension if in January, you find that your pension does not arrive on time, in addition to the above said to delay the date, and may be because you didn’t finish last month pension certification, such as xiamen, fujian, liaoning chaoyang, guangxi guilin,Shangrao city in Jiangxi Province, Harbin City in Heilongjiang Province, and Mudanjiang City all require the pension qualification certification to be completed by the end of last month. If you forgot it last month, or for some reason you missed it, you may not receive your retirement salary this January. Hurry up and get the certification completed.Parts of 4) in January, the official social security center to remind a retiree draw money important information is special in January, there are still some places outbreak there is still a dynamic, so in order to make security protection, in some areas of social security center to remind retirees, do not go as far as possible this month cluster, lined up to withdraw money, such as tianjin social security center on Jan. 12 released its latest reminder,Therefore, we should pay special attention to this January. For the time being, we should change the habit of queuing up to withdraw money, and try to inquire or withdraw pension through other ways.5) The fifth thing:From January 2022, the pension payment method in some regions will be changed, especially in local areas. If you go to the old distribution channels, you cannot find it, such as Hunan Province and Wencheng County in Zhejiang Province — starting from January this year, the pension will be uniformly distributed to the social security card.Remember to complete the mode replacement in time, and activate the financial function of the social security card in time, in order to smoothly receive the account.6) Sixth thing, in January some areas will start to do a new round of pension qualification certification!At the beginning of 2022, pension qualification certification has begun in some areas, including but not limited to the following places: Shaanxi Province requires retirees to complete the certification before April 30, 2022; Tianmen City, Hubei Province requires retirees to complete the certification before March 31;The city of Xingtai, Hebei province, has asked employees to retire before the end of March this year.Yongnian district of Handan City in Hebei province requires retirees of urban and rural residents to complete before February 28, and Jilin City in Jilin Province requires enterprises to retire and relevant personnel of urban and rural residents to complete…… before December 31 this yearThese are just a few of the areas found. Retirees in other areas should also take note and don’t miss it!If you did your last certification in January 2021 or so, you’ll need to make up for your last certification soon.7) The seventh big thing: Great news!This year, 127 million retirees in urban areas are likely to see their pensions increase again around April or May for three reasons:First, hebei province has made it clear in its 2022 government work report that it will “make efforts to increase basic pension” in 2022.Second: Recently, state-run media such as, Huaxia Times and China Economic Times have pointed out that the employee pension will probably increase 18 times in a row in 2022 (the social security class was the first to share).Third, price and worker wages have been rising over the past year, robust economic recovery, so pension continue to rise this year, combined with the above official media signal, also will be the follow things, general is in March and April every year or so people club department officer xuan, so everyone can wait for a moment, should be the basic will come soon after the Spring Festival.Seven latest events, warm reminder!Finally, welcome to like and forward.

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