Is Canadian athlete wiping the podium after winning gold mocking Beijing Winter Olympics?

Canada’s short track speed skating team wiped the podium after winning gold, is to mock the Beijing Winter Olympics?It isn’t.Similar moves were made at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and the world short-track championships in Montreal, Canada, but not for Beijing.Hamelin said cleaning the podium was just for his sixth Olympic medal and had no special meaning.Background Canada won the men’s 5000m relay final of short track speed skating at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games at the Capital Gymnasium on Feb 16.Canada’s short track speed skating relay team leans down to wipe their hands on the winning podium before taking their place at the post-race medal ceremony on Feb. 17.Some weibo users said the stunt made a mockery of the Beijing Winter Olympics and would be severely punished by the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee.In fact, the podium at the Beijing Winter Olympics was not the first venue for the Canadian short track speed skating team to clean the podium.Video footage showed the Canadian team clearing the podium before finishing third in the men’s 5,000-meter short-track relay final at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, which was interpreted by some netizens as a protest against unfair refereeing in South Korea.There was no public response to this interpretation four years ago, and no authoritative report could be found on the English-language web.But Charles Hamelin, a Canadian short-track speed skater who competed in the Relay in Pyeongchang, later posted a picture of the podium being cleaned on his Personal Instagram account with the caption: “Cleaning podium for my fifth Olympic medal.”On February 22, 2018, Hamelin posted on his Instagram account, “Clearing the podium for my fifth Olympic medal.”The bronze medal in Pyeongchang has a special personal meaning for Hamelin, according to an article posted on the Canadian Olympic Organizing Committee website on February 22, 2018.With this, he became one of the most decorated Winter Olympics athletes in Canadian history at the time.Shortly after the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Hamelin led Canada’s short track speed skating team to a silver medal in the men’s 5,000m relay at the 43rd Short track Speed Skating World Championships in Montreal on March 16-18, 2018.After the race, team Canada repeated what had happened in Pyeongchang by cleaning the podium before taking the stage.Hamelin himself posted a photo of the stunt again on his Instagram account on March 21 of that year, saying he was proud of his team’s achievements during the season.On March 21, 2018, Hamelin again posted an action photo on Instagram of him leaning over to wipe the podium.It seems that the Canadian men’s short track speed skating team, led by Hamelin, did not specifically associate the podia-wiping with the Beijing Winter Olympics. It is more likely just a victory ceremony for Team Canada.In the men’s 5000-meter relay final at the Beijing Winter Olympics, Canada won the gold medal in 6 minutes 41.257 seconds after gaining an advantage over South Korea 18 laps from the finish line.Overall, there was no obvious controversy over the decision, and there was no reason for Canada to mess with the Beijing Games.For Canada why do cleaning foot before accept this problem, on February 17, “Beijing sports broadcasting” in its name WeChat public number that they got the exclusive response hamelin, who said to clean up the podium is just in order to meet his sixth Olympic MEDALS, no special meaning:”It’s just cleaning up, it’s just cleaning up the podium for the medal, for me it’s my sixth Olympic medal, and we want the podium to be particularly clean and spotless.Then we can stand on a beautiful podium.”The official account of Beijing Sports Radio released “Hamelin’s exclusive response” on February 17.According to Beijing Sports Radio, Hamelin had a great time during his trip, praising the ice and track at the Capital Stadium as “one of the best short-track speed skating venues at the Winter Olympics” he has ever seen.To sum up, the news that the Canadian short track speed skating team wiped the podium after winning gold is to mock the Beijing Winter Olympics is misleading.Canadian athletes did similar moves on podiums at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and the Montreal Short-track world Championships, not for Beijing.Hamelin said cleaning the podium was just for his sixth Olympic medal and had no special meaning.(Source:

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