“Gourmet” spring tea tea friendship long, fancy dim sum is famous

After the Spring Festival holiday, people in Guangzhou are used to having spring tea.The spring tea of guangfu family likes to eat dim sum, because of its delicate and do not take up the amount, just can let you and customer or friend, leisurely pastime half day, how many business contacts, in this dish cup shuttle back and forth, homeopathic and become.Dim sum, as the leading role of spring tea, has evolved from the traditional chicken feet with ribs to the current trendy creative dim sum. Unconsciously, the trend of dim sum has gone through several cycles.But dim sum, old and new, has its fans in this eclectic city of Guangzhou.Nostalgic dim sum: Meticulous shrimp dumplings, shaomai, char siu bao can be said to be the standard of drinking tea in Guangzhou, so it has become the standard to measure a teahouse’s products.”Shrimp dumplings” can be said to be the most popular varieties of morning tea, stuffing must have bamboo shoots, fat pork, shrimp meat, the three integration (expert called shrimp dumplings stuffing) is authentic.Some people may ask, “I don’t see any fat pork in shrimp dumplings!”This is because of the fat pork inside shrimp dumplings, it is to take a small number of chopped into velvet to join, seeking is moist and titian, fire a steamed, early fusion to shrimp glue.As for shrimps, it was shunde fresh water shrimps that dominated the market more than 20 years ago. Later, diners preferred large, red and crisp shrimps, so imported green shrimps became popular.Shrimp dumpling skin, the traditional saying is to lock the edge of 13 turns, but in fact, it is really to pinch the foot 13 folds, steamed after the grain will not be obvious, so the senior master generally knead 9 to 11 folds, will not knead again.● Shaomai Shaomai in Guangzhou is changeable, which condenses the painstaking efforts of guangzhou dim sum chefs.It is like the dry steamed shaomai, from the traditional pork filling to the fresh shrimp filling, and then the two points on the top, from egg yolk to crab meat and fish roe full of Oriental style, from north to south, and then the fusion of exotic elements, it is almost a miniature book of the historical changes of Guangzhou taste.Dry steamed shaomai, meat stuffing is the main body, so the pork to choose fresh pork, hand cut meat, each grain should be evenly, a cage of shaomai with 3 liang of meat.To make the filling, beat the shrimps together with a little salt until the pork is gelled.Out of the dry steamed shaomai to moderate fat, both delicious meat, and juicy sweet.● Char siu bao is the test of pastry chefs’ basic skills in kneading dough and filling.The traditional three-petal braised pork bun requires a high body in the shape of a bird cage, with a big belly and a broken mouth.To make this standard, the traditional natural fermentation method is used, without alkali or fermentation box, all depends on the hands of pastry chefs to control the time.Barbecued pork stuffing is more careful, with a mixture of 30 percent pork belly and 70 percent plum head pork char siu, the former with oil flavor, the latter with taste.Only in this way can you bite down on the steamed stuffed bun. The skin is soft and not sticky, and the char siu filling is slightly sweet, so you know it’s old Xiguan flavor.Healthy dim sum: low fat low calorie now people pay attention to health, even to eat dim sum also want to count calories, low fat low calorie requirements, so in dim sum industry also triggered a round of health agitation.Speaking of traditional dim sum, general multi-purpose fat pork hanging flavor, lard push oil skin, crispy skin, and fat pork filling to add fragrance, carelessly eat more, it is easy to be bored with mouth and full belly.Face the health requirement of more and more urbanite, old dim sum begins to reform, new send dim sum less and less oil less salt, and change with food collocation will increase mouthfeel level, your person has pure and fresh feeling.In addition, the use of ingredients is becoming more and more important, organic and even vegetarian ingredients are also coming on stage.”If you really want to be less greasy, you can choose more steamed or boiled dim sum, such as steamed mushroom dumplings or cabbage dumplings and so on;Avoid fried and fried dim sum, such as salty dumplings, fried stuffed sambao, etc.In fact, there are many dim sum with oil added in the process of making, which is not easy to notice. For example, the sausage powder is made with raw oil to pull the skin, and the fresh bamboo beef is salted with a large amount of oil. Even at the steaming point, the oil content is not low.””Said Jango, the pastry chef.And now more and more teahouses are launching healthy snacks with low calorie and low fat as the selling point, using vegetables, miscellaneous bacteria and other materials.Among them, there are three representatives: they are the whole vegetarian snacks that do not stain meat and greasy, the tea center with light tea as the theme, and the three low snacks that are low in fat, low in sugar and low in calories.And these three kinds of dim sum, usually in the vegetarian house, the tea house and the new school teahouse see most.Just as we cannot define “postmodern”, “Fusion dim sum” is also difficult to define strictly. In addition to its original meaning, “mix and match” and “Fusion and understanding” can be used to describe its characteristics.Fusion snacks are definitely a bit of a creative innovator compared to the more traditional, conservative eaters.A perfect Fusion dim sum has been promoted to a new level by paying attention to the combination of ingredients, following the seasons, balancing nutrition and pursuing art.For example, two years ago in the street popular “child mother shrimp dumplings”, is one of the creative work.On top of the traditional dumpling is a small yellow dumpling, hence the name “son and mother shrimp dumpling”.The BB shrimp dumplings are wrapped in wasabi salad sauce and the yellow color on the outside comes from red turnip juice.Two shrimp dumplings, eaten in one bite, is a combination of Chinese and Western.What’s more curious is how to eat baiyun’s chicken feet.Compared with the famous white cloud chicken feet, the “fragrant grass juice with white cloud chicken feet” is mysterious and low-key.For the sauce, basil sauce is made fresh every day. Although basil sauce is a foreign monk, it is easy to oxidize overnight, so it must be made by hand.The “hibiscus egg white spring roll” in CAI LAN Kong style dim sum store is a combination of Cantonese spring roll and traditional famous dish “Race crab”.Wrapped in four fillings of hibiscus protein, shrimp, carrot and chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, the crispy skin and soft and tender inside make for a rich taste.Phoenix eye dumplings also incorporate elements of “race crab”, shrimp dumplings skin with carrot juice and red cabbage juice, orange color to match the race crab white, pleasing to the eye.(for more news and information, please pay close attention to guangzhou send pai.ycwb.com) source | Yang cheng evening news, Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | yu-xia Chen

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