Fly confidence was beaten by eStar, official bo revealed the heart of the fall game course, winter crown round of swimming too sorry

Guide language: Chongqing Wolves exposed the heart course, analysis of the overall failure of the team after the autumn game, summed up as two words: unwilling to TTG won the second place twice, many people feel sorry for them, the championship has been their goal, after experiencing numerous failures, still brave to go on.But in fact, there is a team is also very sorry, in the autumn game and winter crown is also very unwilling, he is chongqing Wolves.The champions League in the summer was when they were at their most controversial, when they were at their most dazzling.Although they were condemned by the whole Internet, they still won game after game with their own excellent ability and finally won the championship.But in the fall season, the team went through a lot of ups and downs because it was hard to find a replacement for Fatty in KPL.But everything pays off, the arrival of today island let the Wolf team revitalize, although short time can not reach the extent of small fat, but still can maintain their own strength.In fact, wolves was also a favorite to win the championship, after all, only they could beat wuhan eStarPro, which had been stable and crushed all the teams, but they were in the playoffs because of some mistakes by eStar into the loser group, and then guangzhou TTG4:2 upset win.No one expected the mighty Wolves to bow out of the fall season like this.In the following winter champions actually did not see them rise again, by GK strong grip, one round of swimming out of the Winter Champions Cup is very surprising, so wolves ended their competition in the second half of the year.And in the recent wolves themselves also in the official blog is also self-exposed its heart course, five people in the autumn and winter championship are basically with regret to express their emotions, summed up is three words “unwilling”.In fact, their fans feel sorry for them as they were the team most likely to go on to glory.Although Wuhan eStar’s strength is very strong, but chongqing Wolves are not really beat.However, in the BO7 match with eStar, he lost the match in the summit match.In this game actually Chongqing Wolves also have great hope to win the game.Chongqing Wolves in the heart of the process is mainly to describe this game.The game had a big impact on wolves’ mentality.Fly stresses that winning both storms and not winning the Dragon King was the biggest disappointment.The wolves lost to TTG and GK in the first round of the Winter Championship.As the main conductor of the fan fan also spoke out in the memory of their own shortcomings.Jinyu, who has been a hot topic among netizens, also talked about his own problems. He was so anxious to open a tour that he just kept the Fly going up, but it often stopped flying.This causes Fly’s self-confidence to suffer even more.”I’m a very confident player,” Fly said. “If I can solve my team’s problems in the fall and stay confident, the results may not be good.”Wolves all members are very sad about this, but still hope they can play their true level in the new season.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the king of blame

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