Five rules: hum three words leisurely, diffuse listen to banjo.When the wine reaches its depth, the cup dries and is poured again

Wulv · Minor Heat to send cool rain, handan fragrance.The canoe shatters the waves, the gull dots the sky.Feather sad cut, banana dark tears hide.Acacia soup bath, happy to make mantingfang.The Five rules purple kui wash inkstone ink plum, Confucianism towel weak crown wei.Ten years of private school bitter, a list of countries Lun Kui.Dew emperor grace dip, the purple glow.Jiangnan spring try, gongyuan ma light back.The five laws of Meiyu Yin Huaiyun foot no mountain tip, cicada diving with the twilight.Even Yin more moisture, stuffy cage heavy curtain.A burst of thunder followed by a storm.Morning shock are zetguo, disappointed Old Jiang Yan.The five laws · A sunny day has sent unintentional book crazy language, only know the fresh ink rhyme.Although meditating bitter, still drunk poetry.Valley smell ringing, idle Taiwan product Hua Paper.A pot of fried five flavor, only happy new chapter.Five laws · Minor summer leisure Yin inflammation wind blowing cheeks, lang sunshine head.Jin Qing Miao Zhuang, idle Yin Cui Cover secluded.Cicadas chirp, frogs stir back to the boat.Summer where to go, invited to surf.Five laws · Small gathering feeling Yin invite poetry friends together, singing and voice.Do not fear mosquitoes, why summer invasion.Hum three words, listen to banjo.When the wine reaches its depth, the cup dries and is poured again.Visit the Wild Temple of Shaolin Temple in the sky clouds, deep in the dusk of the mountain.Bell tree, tower shadow six cong.Indifferent pass providence, boundless view of the world.Human flowers from the old, physical water changdong.Five laws · Pinglan Cuigai with the wave, frog drum on it.Pinglan look and di, sing friends fu new poetry.Just value duanyang Festival, enjoy jiaoshu.Smoke blowing surface, tea chant SAO words.The five Laws · Summer wind hot green smoke, mountain gushing biquan.Wild flower jade-dew show, qing Rui bao bead yan.Golden cicadas sing on high trees, egrets sleep on low branches.Lanzhou frequency laughter, paddle swing water clouds.Summer tour yandang Wuyue grace Linxiu, three mountains photo collection emperor.Peak cliff Ming temple qing, gully boat sailing.Different hui hongxia dye, visitors hide in the moon.Cloud screen shujin painting, wild geese lure e chang.Photo album Photo album

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