Drugstores have been suspended for rectification due to inadequate epidemic prevention and control.

During the Spring Festival, reporters in Mianyang followed law enforcement officers of Youxian District Market Supervision And Administration Bureau to conduct random unannounced visits to major pharmacies for epidemic prevention and control.Individual drugstore problems, immediately closed for rectification.On January 30, the reporter came to many pharmacies in Youxian district, and found that most operators and shop assistants can wear masks according to the regulations, but some drugstore staff do not carry out the requirements of wearing masks, scanning code and temperature measurement in the store.In response, youxian District Market Supervision Administration organized pharmaceutical companies to have a collective interview, and required pharmacies to sign a letter of commitment for epidemic prevention and control.On February 8, the reporter once again with swim fairy area market supervision bureau undertakes joint unannounced inspection.In the process of unannounced visits, law enforcement officers found that the guangjitang pharmacy and Jiantang pharmacy located in Dongjin Road were not strictly checked by individual staff.In this regard, law enforcement officers to shop assistants for oral warning processing.However, there are many problems in bencaotang pharmacy, including omissions in the registration of special drugs;Drugstore personnel do not wear overalls and masks as required;Customers are not reminded to scan the code for registration, temperature measurement, etc.Law enforcement officers immediately asked the store to shut down for rectification.Next, swim fairy area market supervision administration will also increase the inspection of pharmacies.”Retail pharmacies should give full play to the role of ‘sentinel’ monitoring and strictly implement prevention and control measures.We will give severe punishment to those who violate laws and regulations.”Swim fairy area market supervision administration party group member Wang Huan said.Mianyang Radio and TELEVISION Fusion Media Center Reporter: Li Yuanyuan Editor: Zeng Xiuyun Fusion Media Center in Travel Xian District

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