Wechat online new features!Net friend: Really sweet

Wechat function on the new and happy to mention hot search!It is reported that the new “chat image search” function of wechat iOS version has been pushed to most users.In the “Settings” → “General” → “Photos, Videos, Files and Calls” has appeared the “chat picture search” function has been pushed to most users can search the picture in the chat through the picture information users can enter the image description or the text in the picture in the search box to search.This time, there are also “TWO-DIMENSIONAL code”, “screenshots”, “people”, “food”, “plants” and other search buttons.Previously, chat image search only allowed users to search by typing text content and an image description into the search box.Is simply ramifications on you a chat record (group), before quickly find someone to share a picture ~ input field tested in image search “chat” “landscape” will be retrieved scenery pictures if involves more pictures also need to wait for a period of time to have a net friend said, “it features delicious ~” also have the net friend said:”There are still bugs,” one user said: “The most disappointing moment is this…↓ Have you experienced the new function?What do you want to say?Disclaimer: Since the author cannot be reached, the copyright owner of the work used in this article should contact xiaobian directly to discuss payment.Source: Urban express, Qilu Evening News editor: Chen Tian man audit: Wu Zehua

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