“Read to you” the most beautiful stick

Early in the morning, when we are still immersed in the sweet dream, they are unknown to the public, no regrets to become a beautiful scenery in urban and rural areas, protecting our life and property safety, for us to build a safety net.The cold ice and snow, people are at home to keep warm, and the traffic police are standing guard on the road, this is an unyielding statue, they stand in the hearts of passers-by, like the fountain of the street, like floating green street trees, like towering towering buildings, than green, than red, more spectacular than buildings.The rain, wet hair;Sweat, soaked his clothes;Cold wind, torn lips, but they can not complain, can not have the slightest slack, because a little negligence, will lead to traffic accidents.They not only work hard, standing in the middle of a busy road, as if shuttling between bullets, a little careless business, even life-threatening.No hard-working spirit, no extraordinary courage, who can shoulder such a heavy task?The day after day monotonous work is still full of fantasy.The traffic helps you forget your tiredness and complaints. Drivers say thank you and say “Viva understandin”.Old mother, I’ll help you across the road;Innocent children must not be nervous;Make an “eye” for the blind;Be a “parent” for a lost child…You turn your head and smile, and create an unforgettable image in the eyes of passers-by!Your ordinary career, more great!

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