Musk’s X space rocket spiralled out of control and was about to crash into the moon, sparking fears

A runaway Elon Musk rocket is set to crash into the moon amid fears it could disfigure it.Do, do, do again!Musk’s rocket is out of control!The falcon 9 rocket went into a “chaotic orbit” after its controllers failed to bring it back.A runaway Musk rocket is crashing into the moon. It’s now rolling through space at 6,000 miles per hour and is expected to hit the moon directly.The estimated time was 12:15 p.m. on March 4.The estimated time of impact could occur in March of this year.Experts say the school bus-sized piece of space junk could cause a huge shockwave that would destroy the “lunar face” that has been seen by Earthlings for billions of years, creating a huge pattern of craters.Dr Franck Marchis, a senior astronomer at the SETI Institute in the US, said people would think of the impact as a “sudden big bang” in the sky.”It would be very sad if this impact changed the famous’ cheek ‘of the moon,” he added.The rocket was launched in 2015 by 50-year-old entrepreneur Musk’s SpaceX company.It took the DSCOVR climate Observatory into orbit a million miles above Earth.It was going to come back and burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere.The Ancient Romans believed that the face on the moon was the face of a man banished for stealing a sheep.Medieval Christians claim that Cain, James, was sent there for the murder of his brother Abel.The Jews believed that this was the image of James.David Rothery, professor of planetary Earth sciences at the Open University in the UK, points out that Falcon 9 is not our biggest worry. “We should be worried about living microbes contaminating the moon,” he says.”It’s very dangerous to threaten another ecosystem by introducing life from earth.””It’s very dangerous to threaten another ecosystem by introducing life from earth.”

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