Rich thoughts bloom in the glow of the pulse

Author Wolong order slow down a section of spring, fall in the ink flowing place time is soft, in the branches of the green gradually thick light and shadow will be the season of qinghuan slowly filled.In the four seasons, only this spring is full of sheng qi, in the willow and green flowers, with a thousand gorgeous seasons.Especially the day after the spring rain, the air between dense wet soft herbaceous breath, light warm wind blowing through the cold peaches and plums, diffuse under the boundless petals, was unconsciously sad, but is a bit of joy.Those blooming branches of flowers, to the best of their ability gorgeous, without frost and cold qing Mei alone and proud, only the heart-inch watch in the high branches of joy.In a few days the flowers are gone, and the branches are laden with fruit.So, at this time of the flowers fall fluttering will also be in the eyebrow point dyed into joy, petals fenfei heart core, perhaps is to have a rich mind to have the pulse of the open.The flowers are as beautiful as the clouds, and the flowers are fragrant and faint.Thus, in the passing of time there is a picturesque poetry, against the frost of age;So, discrete story just has the tender feeling reason, in the small rain of apricot flowers in the end of the clear xiao song into the dawn of the evening.

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