Linyi Yimin Experimental Middle School held “national security, everyone’s Responsibility” online theme class meeting

Seventh on the arrival of “national safety education day” in order to make the students to know more about the national security of the relevant knowledge, strengthen the consciousness of national security and consciously safeguarding state security, protect national security obligations, April 2 afternoon, linyi profit people experimental middle school organization held to “everybody is responsible for national security,” as the theme of the online class meeting.The head teachers introduced the origin, content and significance of “National Security Education Day”, and explained through video and PPT that national security is closely related to people’s life, so that the students deeply understand the importance of national security.At the same time, remind everybody to realize the importance of national security, national security to every citizen, rise in national each and every one, as a contemporary middle school students to understand and know that national security is not only limited to defend the homeland is inviolable, and has extended to the economic, social and ecological environment, network security and so on various aspects.Real, vivid cases teach students that national hazards are not far away, or even close to everyone.The class meeting activities, so that the majority of teachers and students to further clarify the national security situation, enhance the concept of national security.Students have said that from now on, start from their own, consciously resist the speech and behavior that harm national security, consciously safeguard national security in daily life.

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