I’m at the Winter Olympics | Vlog: Follow reporters “clocking in” at the 2022 Beijing Press Center

Zhongan online, Zhongan news client news on February 1st, zhongan online reporters set out for Beijing to start the “winter Olympics reporting trip”.In the next 20 days, Zhonganonline will focus on the short video form of “immersive” coverage of the Winter Olympics in venue construction, event organization, urban atmosphere and other highlights, leading the audience to experience the Great Wall at the foot of the Olympic Games another journey.Officially opened on the same day, the 2022 Beijing news center, as show the image of China and Beijing during the Olympics important transmission platform, focus on “news, technology, service” three key words, make full use of Beijing’s culture, science and technology resources advantage, let the reporters feel humanities, science and technology, green in Beijing at the same time, a more comprehensive understanding of China.Push open the door of the press center, the two sides of the couplet greeted: “Good weather bodes good harvest” “Tiger leaping Dragon rising purple gas”.The main tone of the hall is red, permeated with the “New Year flavor” everywhere.You can enter the center only after passing the check of travel code, Beijing Healthbao and nucleic acid test certificate.In the press working area on the third floor, the press Center provides efficient and convenient hardware facilities such as high-speed Internet, high-definition public signals that can be watched in real time, and high-quality and convenient media services such as consultation, transportation, catering and medical treatment for journalists.During the short 20-day service period, there will be 100 news events, 100 photo exhibitions and 1000 kinds of promotional materials.VR interaction, folk display, 8K display…What other technological elements does the Beijing Press Center have?Let’s punch in with the reporters.(Special Correspondent Nana Wong, Swinman, Wang Kun)

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