If you do good things, good things will come to you

The person this life always is in “want to get” with “can not get” wander between, suffer, can not get painful, got disconsolate.In order not to let his pain, by “get” by hook or by crook, no to the extreme, and even can achieve “kill people kill, Buddha Buddha”, although the last to pass the war play to win what you want, only to find that the final really only to “alone”, or instructed his is not hard to get what you want.At that time, if Zhu Yuanzhang had not killed all those who had followed him to fight the world, how could Zhu Yunwen, emperor Jianwen, be left without a general when Zhu Di, king of Yan, rebelled against him?Of course, no matter whether his grandson became emperor or his son became emperor, it was his “family affair” for Zhu Yuanzhang, but it was different for the losing party, no matter who lost, there was only one outcome: death.Of course, “the most ruthless emperor”, the interests between them and our common people are not the same, we contend for the interests of too small, not to the point of life and death, and the interests of the emperor is not, into become “Pu Tian, Mo Fei king soil;The land, is not the minister of the king “, defeated will die without a burial place.When faced with the choice between heaven and hell, everyone else commits suicide to the death of the other, bringing the lives of hundreds of thousands or millions of innocent people to a minimum.Many emperors lost the hearts of the people and were ousted by the people because of their disregard for the lives of the people. That is why Li Shimin, emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, said, “Water can carry a boat, but it can also overturn it.”Even though li Shimin was recognized by later generations as a wise king and sage, he also had internecine warfare with his brother Xuanwu Gate.History can not be assumed, what we can see is that Li Shimin created a generation of prosperity, brought up the prosperity of tang economy and culture, so, now there are so many good poems can be appreciated.These two stories are both about the imperial family. Of course, they are different from ordinary people. For ordinary people, the conflict of interests may not be so obvious and fierce, but the choice in the face of gain and loss is also thrilling, full of intriguities and backstabbing.Many people have a very good start, but did not end to end well, happily, but to explore his life’s trajectory, in fact the final end early in each step of the way before he was buried, we say “no snowflake in an avalanche is innocent”, in fact, the pursuit of a person’s road, no same thing he did was innocent.One thing is the result of the previous thing, and the cause of the next thing, or the combination of several things to become the cause of all the following things, “everything in the world has a price”, all you get will have to pay, but the time, way and content of the pay are different.If we understand this truth, we will not be eager for quick results and instant benefits just want to get, but to pay hard, because all the final result of paying is inevitable to get, but this “get” is deserved, is the result rather than the cause.Remember in the past there was a song singing: 15 of the moon 16 round, want to harvest the first farming, want to climb the mountains to explore the road, want to get rich to open financial resources, as long as the bees do not lazy, why worry about the autumn honey is not sweet……”What you want to get, you must give”, meaning that you want to get what you want, first of all, you have to work hard, pay let us out of the broad road of the future, and blindly get will be in the future one day “autumn pull bill”, “account”.Between pay and get may not look like mathematical formula can be equalized, some times have been very hard, can not see the harvest will be anxious, complain, but if put a long-term view, it may be buried in the ground of a “big sweet potato”.Sometimes lucky easily get unexpected joy, and then do not want to go hard, but fantasy lucky every day, he is always the god of luck, just like that person waiting for a rabbit, will eventually be empty.Everyone knows the truth, but when you are in the mountain, you don’t know the true face of the mountain.Material get or superficial, people most need or shivering in the winter of a cotton coat, hungry when a full meal, this kind of help is the most precious encounter in life.But always remember that what you want is what you give to others in times of calm, and that the person who has been warm to you will be warm to you in times of need. Help and love are like money in the bank.We should all form the habit of being virtuous, because no one can guarantee that he will not meet any ups and downs in his life.Even if you live a safe life, learn to leave some goodness to your children and grandchildren, so that they can have wings to fly and armor to take refuge in.I always believe that the cycle of good and evil is its law, so the heart must have awe, do something, do something, do more good, do more justice, to believe that between get and pay is like a taiji chart, is a balance of Yin and Yang, is a dynamic conservation.If life is like this, so is the truth.

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