How diligent Yongzheng is

Yongzheng was indeed one of the most hardworking emperors in Chinese history.During that lifetime, I read a large number of rhythms, including more than 35,000 pieces of zhou deployment rhythms in yongzheng Dynasty’s Collection of Han Wen Zhu PI Manuscripts, and about 6,000 pieces of zhou deployment that have not yet been published.In these rhythms, the diligence and high degree of self-discipline of emperor Yongzheng burst onto the page.His daily life was almost the same. In the daytime, he consulted with ministers and businessmen on government affairs, and in the evening, he reviewed papers and manuscripts in the Hall of Mental Cultivation.Many times, he read comments of hundreds or even a thousand words.In the seventh year of Yongzheng (1729), Hao Yulin, the governor of Yunnan province, wrote down zhu Bei of nearly 500 words in his report.Zhu Pizhong and Emperor Yongzheng earnestly taught Hao Yulin.The tablet of “Diligent Government Qinxian” is an imperial pen of Yongzheng, who was strict with himself, himself and the legal person all his life.During his reign, he reorganized the organization, rectified the administration, improved the secret tax system, and institutionalized the method of succession of the imperial throne, which to some extent avoided the situation that the imperial sons pushed each other in the later years of Emperor Kangxi.During the reign of Emperor Yongzheng, he was diligent in government affairs and boasted of being “diligent in leading the world” and “Qianxi vigilant”.It played a decisive role in the continuation of the Kangqian reign.Yongzheng cracked down on corruption and eliminated corrupt officials during his reign.To fill the financial hole of the Qing Dynasty, rich.Although talking about the Kangqian Reign, Kangxi and Qianlong reigned for a long time, in fact Yongzheng played a decisive role in the reign and laid a solid foundation for Qianlong.However, Yongzheng died of a sudden illness after 13 years on the throne.(Another is that he was assassinated.)Generally speaking, Yongzheng offended many people in his campaign against corrupt officials and died suddenly before he could reach old age.So Yongzheng had no time to evaluate what he had done and died.All evaluations were made by later researchers.

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