Fire thatched hut repair rope, for fire village elder six, this is the proper way to open firebolt

If previous said to the three flame village, here we have to be very careful, because in beams, six elder brother haunts the roof such hidden points, inside and outside of the large water tanks, so, how to effectively deal with old six here, as is known to all, the huts here can be lighted, burning out after only a bare shelves,By this time he is nowhere to hide in the inside, he is a new weapon, the bane of old six tactical crossbow, tactical crossbow in the original on the basis of the upgrade, can release the two different types of bolt, one is a firebolt, one is the ordinary bolt, ordinary arrows can be will repair damaged bungee cords, and burning arrows can ignite a hut,How to obtain the tactical crossbow, tactical crossbow fixed refresh the location in the town, there are a three buildings and a separate building, the building will brush tactical crossbow, each floor can refresh two tactical crossbow, we fly directly to the 7 layer of tall buildings, and can take the elevator to 7th floor, here will refresh the two black blade guards, and each one tall buildings have guards,Guard the damage is not too high, but their speed is very fast, just to beat these guard can get 10 rounds the firebolt, access is random pick up, second place is not fixed, we search materials can have a look at carefully, we outside the hut, firebolt can be used for shooting, this place will slowly fire smoke,Until all burned, thatched house burns for 15 seconds, outside of hay burning time for 5 seconds, during burning if you near will drop of blood, but in the central position of the house will not be hurt, we can see clear after burning, old six again is nowhere to hide, can only choose to transfer, of course,Rocket crossbow is a cold weapon, few small partners carry him, fire fire village probability is not large, can not encounter this will see your luck, so you like rocket crossbow?

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