Winter Olympics the most beautiful guide propaganda Guo Ellen!Slender figure appearance level is high, the ex-girlfriend returns shenyang to be urged marriage

The quadrennial Winter Olympics are also in full swing, and Gu ailing’s comeback to win the gold medal has become one of the most eye-catching., much attention has been paid to the Olympics is the opening ceremony of the 91 high level usher is appearance attracted the attention of many people, these 91 guides from Beijing institute of fashion technology, Beijing film academy, Beijing normal university and other colleges and universities in the selection, can emerge from the beauty of colleges and universities, visible itself is very good.The guide selection in terms of height and weight has a rigid requirement, height must be higher than 1.70 meters, and even more than 1.80 meters is not a minority.As the guide of the Chinese delegation, Diao Yuehan, a senior student at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, won the award. After the opening ceremony, Diao Yuehan also attracted great attention from the outside world.As an excellent girl from Xinjiang, she was also favored by local media.In addition, Diao Yuehan or Guo Allen’s “little fan sister”, the opening ceremony also issued a statement that “if the Summer Olympics is not able to see lengge”, before diao Yuehan also posted the same dress with Guo Allen, diao Yuehan is a loyal fan of Guo Allen.Diao Yuehan is very tall and slim, and her appearance level is not low. She is also an “Oriental style” beauty in the eyes of the public.The most beautiful guide open propaganda, I do not know how Aaron Guo feel.Every time his teammates announce a relationship or official marriage, Guo is always mentioned. After all, as the most popular player in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), he has been single for many years, and there are few rumors about him, which makes his fans worried.Previously, Inner Mongolia women’s basketball Zhuo Shi with pure appearance after the level of popularity, fans even shout guo Allen, visible fans for Guo Allen’s personal problems are very concerned.In fact, Guo has been in a relationship before, that is with model Ma Yangyang, they were photographed on a beach vacation in 2017, and their relationship has been known to the outside world ever since.Ma Yangyang is 1.77 meters tall. He is a very tall model with a high level of appearance and a keen interest in fitness. He keeps his figure very well.In addition, Ma Yangyang is also shenyang, in Shenyang to purchase a mansion, last year to complete the decoration and moved in, and Ma Yangyang’s income is not cheap, engaged in modeling career is also engaged in jewelry design, driving bentley luxury cars, their own conditions are relatively superior.Ma yangyang returned home to Shenyang during the Spring Festival and was naturally urged to marry by his family, but he said he would not choose a blind date.After breaking up with Guo Ailun, Ma Yangyang also did not begin new amour again, concentrate on struggle career all the time however.Anyway, look forward to Guo Allen out of the single as soon as possible, presumably will be the CBA’s biggest news.In addition, this season’s All-Star voting has been started, Guo Allen is still one of the most popular players, last year Guo Allen was the highest number of votes, followed by Guangdong Team Zhao Rui, the two Kings are single.However, both men have been in relationships before, and the reason they are not starting new ones now is presumably to devote more energy to the game.

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